5 speed in a 4 speed trans case w/ Kick Starter *** ON SALE NOW *** For Sale

5 speed in a 4 speed trans case w/ Kick Starter  ***   ON SALE NOW  ***

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5 speed in a 4 speed trans case w/ Kick Starter *** ON SALE NOW ***:

Super High !

Complete5-speed in a 4-speed Case with Kickstarter

Shown is "Generic" Picture .. of the Beautiful PolishedFinish...and the parts that come withthis finetransmission ... Heavy-Duty Kicker Arm ...

*** ALSO, available in RAW FINISH .. or .. BLACK FINISH *** ................

BRAND NEW in BOX - Complete ready toinstall - comes with correct LEGAL paperwork "MSO"

Fits: fitsmost stock and most custom 4-speed Big Twins with forward controlsfrom 1970to early1984 with rear chaindrive. ...

The ultimate transmission for the retro look. Get the classic look of a four speed kicker and the performance benefit of a smooth shifting 5-speed. This trans is a bolt-in proposition for virtually any electric-start, four speed Big Twin with forward controls.This trans combines a heavy-duty kicker assembly with the early 5-speed end cover and clutch actuation lever, with 5-speed shifting mechanism, gears and top cover in a four-speed-sized-trans-case. ..... what could be better than a classic Shovelhead that shifts better than the newest showroom Harley ???


Does not fit Softail frames. No provision is made for electronic speedometer sensor. Not intended for use with CCI fat O-ring chains. Comes with 23-tooth chain sprocket and is designed forchain final drive only.This transmission is not designed to be a direct replacement on all models. Clutch arm may require modification depending on model year and application.

Note:I have other transmissions, gear sets & parts (let me know what you need) .... 4-speed trannys for most years ... 5-speed in a 4-speed case with (or) without kicker? ...6-speed with kicker... (softail 5-speed with a kicker?) (6-speed?) ...

Questions?... Looking for Parts?... email Paul .... THANKS!

note: FOR "Custom" applications... please CONTACT Paul .... SPECIAL "Built" Transmissions are AVAILABLE ... Price does go up BUT so does the "PERFORMANCE" & "QUALITY" *** (( Example: Splined Mainshaft with Splinded Clutch on a 6-Speed "OVERDRIVE" TRANS with Kicker and/or "Custom" E-START "Built to fit 1936 thru 1986 4-speed Harleys*****

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: when You are "Building a Bike" and Buying "multiple parts" from "Dr Rider" (Paul) ....

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