426 Hemi Demon or Hellephant plus spec custom engine 1000+ hp Mopar Dodge For Sale

426 Hemi Demon or Hellephant plus spec custom engine 1000+ hp  Mopar Dodge

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426 Hemi Demon or Hellephant plus spec custom engine 1000+ hp Mopar Dodge :

  • Listing is for a professionally built custom 426 hemi Gen 3 engine complete with high capacity supercharger 2.7 IHI or Whipple
  • Top quality parts, machine work and assembly techniques
  • Gen 3 hemi custom built SUPER HELLEPHANT engine built to your spec and power application 1000-1250+hp
  • Based on Hellephant, but with BGE iron block and many upgrades and more durable
  • Demon / Redeye cylinder heads with ARP / Comp hardware
  • sale is for custom 426 dressed engine with front cover / balancer / valve covers complete engine same as Hellephant crate including 2.7 Demon supercharger
  • 4.095 bore 4.050 stroke 426 cu in
  • Manley forged crank 4340
  • Manley high strength H beams - high hp rods with arp2000 bolts
  • Diamond custom forged pistons 9.5/1 coated skirts - upgrade vs Hellephant
  • Tool steel pins - Upgrade vs Hellephant
  • Total Seal rings - Advanced Profiling - upgrade
  • Comp custom cam - new improved high strength core hellephant spec plus
  • Choice of oil pan - specific to your application
  • Choice of front cover - specific to your blower and accessory drive and supporting part tech advice and discounts
  • Mopar lifters and valve train
  • Comp springs
  • Manley pushrods
  • Cam similar to Hellephant spec or your choice for application
  • New Comp low shock cam lobe design
  • Demon / Redeye valve covers
  • 2.7 Demon supercharger, black lid
  • I can also quote and install Whipple or Magnusson superchargers
  • ARP 2000 rod bolts, ARP head studs, ARP main studs
  • Precision machine work, balancing and assembly techniques
  • Build portfolio - photo book and blueprint, online photo album to follow build
  • Upgrade your Hellcat, Demon, Redeye or install in a classic!
  • Engine is complete I just need to match camshaft, oil pan and front cover to your application
  • I prefer to use new castings, but can use your used block and head cores for a custom stroker build
  • I also build high power naturally aspirated gen 3 hemi engines
  • Questions? 949***449****3209 call or text or use contact me
  • I will run a detailed sale for you with itemized build sheet
  • My engines have been installed in many classic and modern race, street and show vehicles...many happy customers!
  • Scroll down for a few recent hemi build pictures
  • Contact before offerding please 949***449***3209
  • Click on sellers other listings for Gen 2 Hemi engines

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