401/406HP AMC Crate High Performance balanced engine with HEI and flywheel For Sale

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401/406HP AMC Crate High Performance balanced engine with HEI and flywheel:

Ford 351C 4-Bolt Bare Block 401 AMC High Performance Balanced crate engine.This engine is not in stock. Build times vary. Contact us for build time.This AMC 401 crate engine by Blue Monkey Performance would be EXCELLENT for that AMX, Javelin, Jeep Wagoner, etc with its 406hp @ 5000rpm and 484ft lb of torque @ 3,000 rpm it will set you back in the seat and still has good all around power. In most cases by replacing the flexplate/flywheel this AMC 401 will replace that tired AMC 304 or AMC 360. This engine comes equipped with an aluminum intake and will run on leaded or unleaded Premium pump fuel. The balanced rotating assembly (typically includes crankshaft, pistons, rings, connecting rods, rod bearings, and balancer) featured in this engine: 3.680" stroke forged steel crank5.858" forged connecting rods reconditioned with ARP rod bolts9.8 to 1 compression pistons More special features of this engine include: Forged steel crankshaft New Hydraulic flat tappet cam 58cc heads with 2.02"Int/1.600"Exh valves. These are stainless valves with undercut stems that are swirl polished for added flow. Heads get vatted, magnafluxed, thermal cleaned, steelabrated, pressure tested for hidden flaws. Old exhaust gets counter bored, new harden exhaust seats installed for use with leaded or unleaded fuel. Drill, ream and install 11/32" valve guides in place of the 3/8" stock guide. 202 and 1.600 stainless valves with undercut stems that have been swirl polished are lighter and flow better than the stock heavy AMC valve. Both heads receive three angle valve job. Both heads milled to assure a good head gasket seal. Heads are machined so we can install screw in studs for Full roller rockers to make valve train adjustable. We install brass freeze plugs in both heads so they can't rust out in time. New 1.440" high performance springs setup to match camNew Screw-in rocker studs New roller rocker arms New Hardened push rods New Hastings rings New Double row timing setNew Brass expansion plugsNew aluminum intake manifold. This intake also has provisions for the oil filler tube and the popular 3/4" PCV valve Oiling modifications include a front to rear steel oil tube - This steel tube takes oil from the front of the block to the rear of the block where it is needed most. New Milodon or Canton 8 quart oil pan with 9" rear sump that improves performance through increased capacity and strategically placed horizontal baffling for oil control and fits in all applications that originally had V8 engines (including Jeep) All parts are painted separately before assembly for that show quality look This engine comes completely assembled with Milodon 8 quart oil pan, timing cover, harmonic balancer, chrome valve covers, and an aluminum intake manifold. HEI dist and flywheel included. Purchase: "Buy it Now" for $10,295.00. AZ residents add 9.3% tax. This engine is not in stock. Build times vary. Contact us for build time. Core: No core required Shipping: Residents of the contiguous United States will get FREE shipping to your home or business address that is accessible by a tractor trailer rig! In most cases we can ship the crate on a truck with a lift gate so the driver can unload the crate for you. International shipping available, please contact us. Blue Monkey Performance will not be responsible for any customs delays or fees. ALL customs and tax charges are the responsibility of the purchaser! TERMS OF PAYMENT: Credit card PayPal If you are already a verified member of PayPal you may use this convenient method of payment Note: Can take 3-4 days to become verified for large ticket items Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal! Not what you are looking for? Please check out our other Listings!

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