4-Touren TR60 18x8 5x108/5x4.5" Matte Black Rims w/225/40ZR18 Kumho PS31 Tires For Sale

4-Touren TR60 18x8 5x108/5x4.5

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4-Touren TR60 18x8 5x108/5x4.5" Matte Black Rims w/225/40ZR18 Kumho PS31 Tires:

SET OF 4 Touren TR60 18x8 5x108/5x4.5" +40mm Matte Black Wheels with 225/40ZR18 Kumho Ecsta PS31 Tires, Lugs, and TPMS SensorsUntitled DocumentNew Page 1


If you have any questions regarding fitment PLEASE contact us. We cannot stress this enough.

Any fitment information above is based on information we have available to us. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FITMENT NOTES. If this an off-road style wheel, the offset and backspacing will determine how far in or out it will sit on your vehicle. You may need a lift or leveling kit for these to fit without rubbing. You will also want to check the diameter of your wheel. We never suggest going any smaller than the factory diameter. If you have questions about how this wheel will sit on your vehicle, don't hesitate to contact us. limits the number of vehicles we can put in each fitment chart, so there may also be a number of vehicles not on this list that this wheel will fit, so feel free to contact on those, also.

Wheel fitment can be a complicated matter. If you do not contact us, we cannot guarantee fitment. Our professional staff can offer you the best guidance.

With that being said, any information provided is accurate based on the information we have available. There are certain things such as aftermarket equipment, large factory brake systems and other things we can not foresee that might affect fitment on your vehicle. Please be aware that when putting aftermarket equipment on your car there is a chance that you will need to modify it to ensure proper fitment. Things such as spacers, fender rolling and minor wheel well cutting are very common when installing rims. This is especially important for any European made car and "sport packages" as well.

If you have any questions regarding this please email or call us to see what our experienced technicians recommend. Thank you.

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