1970 426 HEMI ENGINE Original GTX Motor (Near Complete) For Sale

1970 426 HEMI ENGINE Original GTX Motor (Near Complete)

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1970 426 HEMI ENGINE Original GTX Motor (Near Complete):

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Original 1970 4-speed GTX Hemi Engine VID # 0G226532

This engine is a standard Bore with No ridge and original factory pistons. For those interested Please note as well the original rockers with adjusters. I have also been asked if the engine will turn over. The engine does spin by hand no problem.



For the Serious Investors Only! The cast date of this engine is May 28th 1969. The engine originated from a 1970 Plymouth GTX. This is a rare opportunity to buy a near complete original legend in engines. After long hours of consideration I have decided to offer serious buyers an opportunity to become the next owner. This engine is assembled yet will need to be refurbished, it is offered in the condition when I purchased it. Details will be worked out once an agreement is made. 


I purchased this engine in 1976 for my own personal interests, however life has taken me on alternate courses. I have had this engine stored for nearly 43 years and have along the way accumulated a healthy storage expense of around $24,000. When I purchased this engine it was from a guy in Napa California who was friends with Frank Bradly of Drag Racing fame. I still have the original handwritten sales slip. Since then this engine has remained dormant all these years. Zero hours have been added to wear since 1976. At the request of the original seller I removed the heads so that he could check ring wear of which there was none. I realize now this was stupid, but not long after the inspection he wanted to buy the engine back. What can you expect out of a 19 or 20 year old kid. At this time I have no idea if this original Hemi engine  is standard bore or bearing clearance. (Update: I decided to pull the head and discovered this block and pistons remains a standard bore engine). See photo

This engine couldn’t be any more complete than what you will find except for the missing heat exchanger tube off the rear of the intake manifold, starter and alternator. The engine is topped off with its original matching carburetors and original air cleaner, which has the large HEMI stenciled in good original condition for its age. The original exhaust manifolds and motor mounts are still attached and have never been removed. I also have the original  throttle linkage that came off the original Plymouth. This engine also comes with the original alternator brackets and fuel pump. This is not a piecemeal engine of different engines or years. I will not allow visual inspection unless I receive a substantial amount of earnest deposit of which there is no refund. This engine is available to the international buyer also and payment is finalized. This could take 30 days or as my Banker confirms.

Here is a little additional history that I was able to collect after the last time listed. I have been able to contact almost all the original parties except for original and 3rd owners, but I now have the names or connection in the sales provenance of the original 1970 Hemi GTX . As I am told it was purchased by a young man in 1970 through, as I recall his young brides father, the owner of a Mopar dealership in Napa California. After owning it a short time I am told the young man was encourage to sell the gas eating muscle car and become a responsible husband and soon to be father. Sound familiar..... The car then was placed back on the lot and sold to a man with whom I spoke personally. I am told it was a 4 speed car with the tall Hurst shifter and the original color "in-Violet". Its rear end ratio was 4:10 and later replaced with 3:55 ratio gears. The second owner made this swap because of the Oil embargo in the early 70's. Even then we had high fuel prices, hahaha. I am told by the second owner that he had the car about 4 years before he sold it to a man who then may have blown a gasket or something and then at this time after a rebuild decided to swap out the engine with a 383 ci. I am given two possibilities as to why this was done. one was I was told it used oil but the other is it used lots of fuel. The individual I purchased the engine from told me he did the swap for this third owner and received the engine as payment for his labors. This was confirmed to me by the second owner. I was then to become the second owner of this engine because of this engine swap. Interestingly the individual who owned the car the longest believes the car is being raced at the local track he thinks to be Sonoma the old Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma County California ...racesonoma.com..... The 2nd owner made it a point to contact me again if this can be confirmed. With this information if you are a builder investor you may be able to put together a numbers matching car by coming up with both the engine and car otherwise this engine can be dropped into to an era correct car such as a Plymouth Superbird or Cuda or whatever your desire. Should other information come available I will make the additions.

An additional historical note to those of later generations who didn't have the pleasure of dabbling into this world of engines and performance auto's. I was 19 or 20 when I purchased this engine. I worked for Kaiser Steel in Napa California in 1976 and after seeing the engine advertised and going to look at it after work I went straight to the Dodge dealership Stan Motors in Fairfield California, where my father worked as a mechanic. I arrived just before closing. I knew the owner and Parts counter man Roger. I asked him what the price for a Hemi short block would cost me, the son of one of their best mechamics. The price given to me was $2000.00 which was half the price of the car at that time. I immediately called the seller and told him I would take it and have the cash the next day. The rest is history. The appreciation of this era motor, comparable to car prices in this class, is reflective in my starting price. 


This is a serious offering with a serious restriction to offers. Today it is noticeably obvious that very few engines of this category of completeness and age have come on the market. Its rarity and completeness is the emphasized selling point. This kind of purchase is no longer boys with their toys but for serious investors. The serious buyer/investor will understand what I am offering here. As I mentioned earlier, I have stored this engine since 1976 and for me to continue doing so is of no consequence. My start price is firm with a minor adjustment in offers. I will list this engine for sale publicly until sold either on or privately. To those interested in finding out more your inquiries are welcome, but haters I may or may not respond. Thank you and Good Luck




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