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Please read ALL of this description before you call me or email me.That way you will hopefully understand how I am handling this very special listing for this very special engine.This listing is for a very scarce 1932 Packard Model 905 or 906 V-12 or "Twin Six"twelve-cylinder engine.Packard used thisengine in the 1932 "Twin Six" Model 905 that had a142-inchwheelbase as well as the 1932 "Twin Six" Model 906 that had a longer147-inchwheelbase. 1932 was not a good year for many reasons andPackard Twin Six production was very low that year. They built only 311 of the shorter Model 905 and only 238 of the longer Model 906"Twin Six"automobiles that year. That gives a total of only 549 Twin Six models built in A feature unique to the 1932 "Twin Six" engine is the one piece exhaust manifold. Back in the 30's, engines tended to carbon up unlike engines today that run for hundreds of thousands of miles without removing the cylinder head. To remove the right-hand cylinder head on the 1932 "Twin Six", one first had to remove the intake manifold to get the exhaust manifold off in order to remove the right-hand cylinder head.

For the 1933 model year and all the way through 1939,Packard switched to a two-piece exhaust manifolddesign. That improved design added apair of square 4 bolt flanges to the exhaust manifold above the right-hand cylinder head. A mechanic then only had to remove the outerpart of the exhaust manifold in order to remove the right-hand cylinder head to remove the built-up carbon or grind the valves.

From 1933 through 1939, Packard used the same basic engine and called it simply the "Twelve". Packard used the "Twin Six" name for the first time in the fall of 1915 when it introduced it's first V-12 engine equipped automobile. That enginewas producedwith minor changes through 1923.Packard then switched to buildingonly 6 or8 cylinder automobiles for 1924 through 1931 before beginningproduction of thisentirely new V-12 design or "Twin Six" for mighty power plant is acast iron67-degree monoblock design with a bore of 3-7/16 inches anda stroke of 4 inches. These dimensions result in adisplacement of445.5cubic inches. This engine has 4 main bearings,hydraulic zero lash valve lifters and a Stromberg - Duplex dual venturi downdraft carburetor.This rare carburetor is included even though it is not shown in theseolder photos I took when transporting this engine several years ago. I do not have the air cleaner for this engine.It will take me a few days to get this engine to where I can getmore and better photos of In 1932 this engine was rated at160 HP at 3,200 RPM. In 1935 the stroke was increased from 4 inches to 4-1/4 inches which increased the displacement by 27.8 cubic inches and increased theoutput to175 HP at 3,200 RPM.The size and output of this fine engine remained unchanged through 1939 which was the last year that Packard produced a twelve-cylinder engine was rebuilt about 12 years ago in the Seattle area and ran only briefly for a test drive in a 1932 Packard dual-cowl phaeton. It was thenput back into heated storage there fora few years before I bought it along with some more 1932 Packard items. Those items include arather rusty 1932 Packard Model 903 Deluxe Eight convertible coupe or "Coupe Roadster" as Packard called it,a very solid 1932 Packard Model 903 Deluxe Eight sedan and some other 1932 Packard "Twin Six" parts. Both of these cars are missing their engines, transmissions, radiators, radiator shells, hoods, lamps and some special "Twin Six" parts mentioned above include a rebuilt radiator, nice radiator shell, 2 nice headlamps, 1 nice fender lamp, a very good folding trunk rack, two chrome plated 18" wire wheels, 2 "Twin Six" reproduction hubcaps and someparts for the special "Twin Six" and "Deluxe Eight" front bumper that had the very distinctive harmonic balancers at both I also have a 1932 Packard Model 906 "Twin Six"147" long wheelbase chassisthat includes the frame, front and rear axles, four springs,four 18" wire wheels with rusty rims, four original but rough"Twin Six" hubcaps and perhaps some lesser parts. I bought this at a swap meet in Oklahoma about 12 years ago from a guy who claimed it came from Al Capone's estate in the Chicago area. I have no way to prove that claim and it really doesnot matter much anyway but it is possible. This chassis has rather heavy surface rust and pitting of a lotof the parts so it no doubt came from a more humid part of this country.

I have stored this engine in a clean, dry and mouse freewarehouse here in Bozeman Montana since I brought it home from Washingtonseveral years ago. It still turns over fine and is in basically the same condition as it is shown in these older photos except for some light dust on it.Thetwo intake manifold inlet holes have been covered with tape since before I bought this engine and the exhaust outlet has been plugged as well.I left the tape in place andmounted the carburetor on the intake manifold after these photos were taken. I turned this engine over several times a year since I brought it home several years ago andit still turns over fine today.The top of the distributor cap cover is cracked as you can see in the last photo.

If one adds the 311 Model 905 "Twin Six" cars built to the238 Model 906 "Twin Six" cars built, there were only 549 Packard "Twin Six" vehicles total built in 1932. I have no idea how many 1932 "Twin Six" cars are left today. If one is generous and assumes that5% of them survived,that would mean that only 27 are left in all of the world today.

Of that number, there have to be several of the vehicles that have newer engines in them for one reason or another.Some of those restored cars with the gorgeous and very rare Dietrich custom bodiescan bring over a million dollars today. A friend in Washington had a Model 905 Coupe Roadster with the standard production convertible coupe body rather than the Dietrich custom convertible coupe body. It was sold originally by the Earl C. Anthony Packard agency in Los Angles. It might have been thecar bought new by Clark Gable but nobody can prove that. He sold the car a few years ago knowing he would not finish that project. It was beautifully restored and sold at sale for around $1,200,000 in 2016 or 2017. If you have one of those gorgeous pieces of automotive history that has a newer engine in it, here is your chance to considerably improve the marketabilityand value of your Two of my friends are1932 Packard "Twin Six" owners and they both suggested that this engine should be worth around $50,000.Since I don't really know much about who rebuilt this engine or what the quality of their work might have been,perhaps $39,995 might be a more realistic value to put on this engine.I have listed this engine here fortwice that amount to keep people from buying it right away.I plan to drop the price later on after I get a chance to talk with potential One photo shows a close up of the casting date ( 6 1 32 ) which is on the lower rightfront corner of the cylinder block. I am no Packard expert but I suspect this date translates to June 1, 1932. Please correct me if I am wrong here.Another photo shows the serial number 900541 that is stamped on the left front corner of the block just under the cylinder head.A very helpful enthusiast recently asked for this number and mentioned that it should fall between 900001 and 901000 which it does. If there were only 549 Packard "Twin Six" automobiles produced in 1932, then this engine which is the 541st one built would be a very late one. I suspect that verylate serial number coincides very well with a cylinder block casting date of 6 1 32 which would beJune 1 I am a sociable person and enjoy talking with fellowenthusiasts about lots of different automobiles, trucks,farm tractors, models, and other collectible items.If you have a need for this engine for your 1932 "Twin Six" project or are interested in this engine with thetwo vehicles or other"Twin Six" parts I mentioned above, please contact me so we can work out a deal. I will then revise this listing and list a "buy it now" price that we can both agree on. I will consider all reasonable offersover $39,995 forthis engine and cansell it with orwithout the two project cars and other This engine comes with a very nice, heavy duty, specially built, roll around, welded tubular steelengine stand that is not shown well in these photos.I plan to add more photos in a few days after I have shipped a customer's I can have a friend build a custom crate for shipping this engineand the engine stand by motor freight if need be. My friends or I may be able to deliver it depending on where you live and how soon you need it.I have plenty of free and reasonably secure storage here if you are planning a trip to beautiful Montana this fall or winter and would like to pick it up then.Thanks a lot, Bob Woodburn - in Bozeman Montana USA

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