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L1K Complete boxed Hydrogen Fuel Saver System.For all vehicles up to 2000 cc

It provides a motor and zero emissions. Allows you to protect the sound. Saves fuel. Recovers from high consistent repair costs. catalytic converter, egr valve, exhaust, spark plugs, peat clean. It extends the life of these parts twice. Increases engine performance. Reduces engine noise, Reduces engine temperature. Exhaust emissions are reduced to zero levels. You don't have to spend extra money to do all this. Hydrogen keeps your vehicle healthy by working continuously in your vehicle. Hydrogen is the guardian of your car :) Buy it now and start the design. Let's leave a clean and green world to our children with hydrogen.

In this small box, we have combined the world's mostpowerful system.

Saves 20-30% fuel in your vehicle. And withoutsacrificing power. 15-20% power increase is achieved with our hydrogen system.

So far, about 5,000 vehicles were used. 98% of ourcustomers were satisfied.

Saving with hydrogen is very sensitive. The producedgas should not be more or less. This should be well adjusted. You can do thiseasily with our system.

Existing institutions on the engine are cleaned.Prevents the formation of new institutions. Your engine has the first day'sperformance. Your exhaust emissions are reduced. Even in an old vehicle, youcan see a lower emission value than the latest generation engine. Use hydrogenin you for a greener clean world. Let's give our kids a clean world.

The average cleaning process is 2000-4000 km. Noise isreduced in the motor. The engine temperature drops. Oil life increases by 2times. Motor power increases. You need a lot less pressure on the gas.

The catalytic converter is cleaned. Egr valve,cylinder head and cylinder inside is cleaned. Black smoke ends in the exhaust.The inside of the exhaust becomes white. As the engine power increases, you candrive a gear in great gear.

System features:

Super strong Dry Cell properties:

We use special super strong plates in our electrolysis cell. We donot use the 316L plate. Our plates never contaminate water. Water remains cleanfor 25,000 km. However, 316l plate is used for the first 1 hour, even in water.After 3000 km you need to change the water and clean the cell. Our system isdone after 50.000km cleaning. This process is very easy. You can do it yourselfin 10 minutes. We do not disclose the name of the plates due to the nature oftrade secrets. Patented special alloy material.

We use HDPE cover in our cells. This material can be used Fordecades without being affected by any chemicals. However, acrylic transparentlid cells on the market become unusable in a year. Acrylic alcohol resistanceis not. In winter, you should use alcohol to prevent freezing. When acrylic isused for alcohol, it breaks quickly by cracking.

We use nitrile gasket in our cells. It is 5 times more durable thanepdm material.

We use chemical-resistant metal fittings at the water inlet andoutlet. For years of trouble-free operation.

As a result of the best quality materials we use in our cells, wecan guarantee our cells for 15 years. We're only in the world. No more quality.

MainTank and Filter:

There are two water tanks in the device. The first tank containspotassium hydroxide. This water is separated from the cell to produce hho gas.All fittings in the tank are chemical resistant metal.

The second depot removes the gas produced from the chemical vapor.For a long-life engine, the gas must be cleaned. If you smell unburned gas,burn your nose. However, the cleaned gas does not have such an effect. Thisfeature, which is not available in many systems on the market, guarantees along service life to your vehicle.

Connection Hoses:

All hoses that come into contact with potash water are specialteflon hoses. This hose is highly resistant to 250 degrees and all chemicalfluids. He'il do his duty after a dozen years.

Electronic control system:

The system is ccpwm feature. This means that the system operates atconstant current in the set amps. The system does not change the cool amperage.This feature is very important. In such non-existent systems, the currentconstantly changes. Therefore, it is not ensured in savings. The amount of gasgiven to the vehicle is very important. It prevents more or less gas savings.For best savings, the current needs to remain constant.

In our electronic circuit, current is continuously adjusted withmicrochip. The circuit with Smd technology plays the biggest role in achievingthe best savings.

The circuit is easily adjusted to the desired value by the circuit.You can see the bulb in the display in front of the device.

Outer box:

The box is made of water-proof special production abs. Thedimensions are 30x22x11 cm. Due to the rather small construction, you caneasily place it in your luggage.


You can easily install with detailed instructions. The device issecured in the boot. 3 cables and a gas hose are drawn from the vehicle to theengine. 2 cables are connected to the battery. A cable is connected to a fuelpump, alternator charge lamp or a 12 volt outlet when the engine is running.The gas hose is inserted into the air filter by drilling a small hole.

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Set contents:

L1KS 11 plate system with plate

5 meter gas hose

English User Guide

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