67 Corvette L88 / 396 ? Radiator core support Rare near mint For Sale

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67 Corvette L88 / 396 ? Radiator core support Rare near mint :

Rare L88 ?/ L78 Corvette BB rad support So I have here a Corvette radiator core support That has a date of 22 9 and something which might be a 6 ??? and in the center of lower cross bar 78 ? 88 ? either way still a BB support !!!!! Now we have A core support with a date of Sept 22 if its a 396 support ????? 396 was not released till Feb 65 ??? which would make it the first rad support for 396 ??? also The support was dipped in zinc chromate which help to preserve the support which was not done to any production support so this is a support built by GM not an OEM supplier !! Also in the same time frame GM built an L88 on a 65 test corvette that was sent to the proving grounds in Arizona ???? If the faint number is a 6 ???? Than this makes this support the first L88 Support ????? also the lack of proper black paint tells me the support was install in a corvette when it was painted black that is why there is no paint on the lower sides of the support this would not have be done on any production corvette so Is this an L 78 support ?????? or an L88 support either way it has to be the first one with no damage Not going to find a better support that is real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need more pictures just ask The support is in Canada but can be shipped From Lancaster Mn Ps Sept 22 64 was Tuesday Sept 22 65 was a Friday and Sept 22 66 was a Thursday I don't think the mystery number is a 4 ?????? Yep $150,000.00 big number but makes people look

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