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Report: Next-gen Tesla Roadster will be “faster and bigger,” should arrive by 2019

Tesla Motors is in the middle of expanding their lineup, for instance, we’ve had the introduction of the new Model X crossover and the Model 3 sedan. But Tesla’s not stopping their as they’re also working on reviving the Roadster for the second generation. We know that’s coming and now, Electrek says the new Roadster will […]

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Report: Volkswagen goes completely back to the drawing board to rebuild brand’s image

Volkswagen’s had it rough lately, though no sympathy can really be had because of the level of deception being accounted for involving the company’s latest scandal called Dieselgate. It’s affected them so profoundly that Volkswagen AG is being forced to retreat back to the drawing board to completely revamp their future product offensive, all in […]

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Report: Chevrolet’s hotly rumored mid-engined Corvette could come to fruition by 2018

Rumors of a mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette have been around ever since the Corvette was invented. Chevrolet themselves even tried pitching a few mid-engined Corvette concepts to test the waters, however, they never exactly materialized into a production car. So when new rumors began to surface, suggesting Chevy’s desire to revisit the topic, most seasoned car […]

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Report: Mercedes-Benz could create sub-brand to rival BMW i

Mercedes-Benz isn’t exactly taking the existence of BMW’s i line of vehicles very lightly, especially since it’s been gaining some traction. That said, word from AutoCar is that Stuttgart’s finest is considering a sub-brand to compete directly with BMW’s i3 and i8. So yes, this means Mercedes-Benz might come up with their own eco-friendly, sustainable division […]

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Report: Nissan could be taking over Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi isn’t doing so hot and lately, a lot of critics and normal people alike have been wondering, what’s going on. They barely have anything that’s even remotely considered competitive in the mainstream market and their latest attempts just simply scream, “we don’t care.” That’s a bit of a shame since it’s never fun to […]

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Report: Hyundai’s new Genesis luxury brand wants to chase after plug-in hybrids

AutomotiveNews recently sat down with Hyundai Motor America’s Dave Zuchowski, who confirmed that Hyundai’s new Genesis brand will soon start to produce some models with plug-in hybrid powertrains, because, ya know, electrification is the new wave these days. “We believe alternative-propulsion engines are going to be really important – even more important in the luxury […]

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Recalls: Takata could be expanding its airbag recall by quite a lot – [UPDATED]

This article has been updated with the NHTSA’s official statement of expanding the Takata airbag recall in the United States. Check it out after the jump. Takata is still under heavy scrutiny for its recent recall of airbag units for faulty actuators, leading to flying pieces of shrapnel and metal into the driver like frag grenade […]

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Twitter Sphere: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk confirms the Model 3 will get Ludicrous mode

One of the coolest things to happen in the automotive world in terms of gadgets includes Tesla’s Ludicrous mode, which basically is a “boost” function for the EV, giving the Model S P90 the ability to sprint to sixty in under three seconds. It costs an additional $10,000 however. Ludicrous mode will also be available […]

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2017 BMW i3

The BMW i3 gets updated for 2017 with more driving range and improved battery performance

BMW announced to be applying some minor updates to the i3 for the 2017 model year, most of which involve some extra battery power and improved performance, yielding a greater driving range distance. Speaking of which, the battery gets improved thanks to a 50% increase in charge capacity thanks to a greater energy density with the […]

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Report: Details of BMW’s new quad-turbo diesel inline-six surface

BMW was rumored not too long ago to be really pushing the envelope with their next-generation turbocharged diesel inline-six, particularly since claims were suggesting the new mill could come with four turbochargers, like a Bugatti Veyron’s W16. Now, it seems those rumors are true as BMW supposedly released some specific details on the new engine […]

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