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EPA: U.S. initiative for 54.5 mpg CAFE target called to an end

Remember a few years back when the Obama Administration seemingly made enemies with car enthusiasts from things like “Cash For Clunkers,” the mandate for more than one million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by last year, and the famous CAFE goal of 54.5 mpg? Me too, but since a few years passed since those programs were […]

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Nissan subtly informs the US market that the Murano Hybrid is available for 2016

Nissan usually likes to do it big when revealing a new car, but this time, the company decided to keep things on the hush-side when launching the all-new 2016 Murano Hybrid in the US. After much anticipation, the first Murano Hybrid is now available to purchase on our shores after numerous reports suggested a hybridized […]

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2016 – LaFerrari Spider First Official Photos

Photo Leak: The LaFerrari Spider–this is pretty much it

Ever since the LaFerrari came to existence, people have been mumbling about in regards to a possible convertible version of Ferrari’s latest hypercar. The mumbling then turned into confirmations, and the confirmations then turned into waiting…but waiting is something that we no longer have to do. That’s because some pictures of Ferrari’s new convertible hypercar […]

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NHTSA is looking into the first fatality from Tesla’s AutoPilot

Technology presumably exists to make our lives easier and more advanced, for instance, the prospect of autonomous driving vehicles and the push to develop those systems in hopes to make drivers obsolete. Tesla Motors was one of the first manufacturers to make autonomous driving capabilities readily available, albeit on their expensive Model S sedans. It’s […]

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Video: Watch the McLaren P1 LM haul ass at Goodwood, taking title as fastest road-legal car at hill climb

The Goodwood Festival of Speed happened recently, and it’s a worldly celebration for society’s love for speed, going fast, and as Jeremy Clarkson would say, “POWERRRRRR.” So it’s no surprise that some accolades for speed and performance are held to a standard here, specifically Goodwood’s Hill Climb stage, which is a bar of performance similar […]

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Report: The Porsche Panamera hybrid could get 700hp and tech from 918 supercar

Porsche’s been in the news a lot lately with the launch of their new, second-generation Panamera, which will be launched with a range of preliminary powertrains, ranging from a 2.9L twin-turbo V6 and 4.0L twin-turbo V8, to a twin-turbo V8 diesel. But that’s not all that’s destined to power the Panamera as MotorTrend reports the new […]

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U.S. Department of Justice rules Volkswagen must buy back Dieselgate cars

We all know things haven’t been easy for Volkswagen AG and the governments of the world in the wake of the infamous Dieselgate scandal that’s been plaguing VW. But after months of arbitration and negotiations, Volkswagen AG just announced to have reached an agreement with the EPA and U.S. Department of Justice on how to […]

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Report: What “Brexit” can mean for the automobile industry

If you haven’t noticed, the world is on full alert following a pivotal referendum, just passed in the United Kingdom, where the citizens voted to exit Britain from the European Union. Winning in a pretty strong split, with 52% of Great Britain voting for the separation from the European Union, and 48% against, the results sent a […]

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End of the Saab Story: Saab is officially dead, NEVS throws in the towel, but plans new EVs

It seems Saab really was just a lost cause as the car company’s last hope, National Electric Vehicle Sweden, just announced to be ending the Saab automotive brand, saying they won’t use the company’s name on any future vehicles. National Electric Vehicle Sweden posed as the only glimmer of potential for Saab as the company […]

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Report: Hybridization and semi-autonomous tech planned for Alfa Romeo’s new midsize sedan

Just to clear any confusion, the Alfa Romeo Giulia may be the company’s premiere new luxury sports sedan, but it is designed and built to compete in the compact segment, which includes standard-setters like the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. But we know FCA plans to make Alfa Romeo a direct competitor […]

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