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BMW to stay committed to diesel engines and passenger cars

Volkswagen’s recent Dieselgate scandal has everyone on their tippy-toes regarding the future of diesel-passenger cars. Though BMW’s CEO, Harald Kruger, said they’re not letting Volkswagen’s issue taint the reputation for diesel with their cars as BMW is to remain committed to offering diesel-powered cars, in a recent press conference. Kruger stated that BMW’s Efficient Dynamics […]

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BMW announces plans for LA Auto Show, to debut eDrive 330e, M4 GTS, X1 and 7-Series for first time in North America

BMW announced their plans for this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show. For the first time in North America, they’ll be bringing the all-new eDrive 330e, a plug-in hybrid variant to the current 3-Series, sporting BMW’s TwinPower Turbo four mated to an electric motor, to provide a total output of 248hp and 310 lb-ft of […]

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Report: Honda/Acura says those interested NSX are to likely be upgrading from a Porsche 911

Honda and Acura are still spilling the beans on their latest supercar, the new NSX, which they said is specifically targeted to those looking for an upgrade from cars like the Porsche 911. CarAdvice spoke to the Honda NSX’s project leader, Ted Klaus, who said for $150,000, the NSX is aimed directly towards those who […]

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Report: Mazda’s diesels delayed for the US

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate has all auto manufacturers on their toes regarding diesel offerings, to make sure they don’t end up in the same boat as Volkswagen. That said, the effect of heightened scrutiny towards diesels has Mazda delaying their offerings once again in the United States. A few years back, Mazda promised to introduce their new […]

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Report: Toyota takes the sales crown as the top automaker by volume

Toyota recently stole the crown as the number one automaker by sales and volume from Volkswagen, in lieu of VW’s Dieselgate scandal, which has heavily affected the company’s sales goals in recent months. Volkswagen and Toyota have been battling for the title on and off and because of Dieselgate, things are not faring well for […]

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2015 Gordon Murray Design iStream Carbon Concept

Gordon Murray’s iStream assembly process could revolutionize the way we make cars

When Yamaha revealed their all-new Sports Ride Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, along with it was Gordon Murray’s newly touted iStream assembly and manufacturing process for platforms ans chassis, which the Sports Ride Concept is based on. According to Gordon Murray Design, the iStream Carbon Chassis is touted as a new way to conduct […]

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BREAKING: Volkswagen’s TDI V6 in select Audi and Porsche models also have emissions test cheat software

Volkswagen’s really not faring well with their whole Dieselgate scandal, if that wasn’t obvious already, posting nearly a 3.5 billion euro quarterly loss and with around 11 million cars affected worldwide. But those figures are bound to get significantly larger since the Environmental Protection Agency just filed another notice again Volkswagen, citing how Volkswagen’s 3.0L […]

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2016 Honda CR-Z

The 2016 Honda CR-Z gets updated and carries on into the 2016 model year

Remember the Honda CR-Z? Well, so do we, and even though it’s been around since 2010, it’s still carrying on well beyond its typical average generational lifespan into the 2016 model year. For 2016, the Honda CR-Z gains some minor updates to keep the model fresh, including a facelift for the exterior and some new […]

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Report: Toyota’s Tetsuya Tada confirms Supra revival, to have hybrid variant

It seems Australia’sĀ does have some pull after they were the first to report the confirmation of Mazda’s new rotary concept for the Tokyo Motor Show. Now, they apparently received confirmation that the FT-1 Concept will in fact lead to the revival of the Supra, something that hasn’t been officially confirmed until now. Word came […]

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Report: A new Volkswagen Touareg should surface in 2017 with plug-in hybrid version

Germany’sĀ Autobild heard a next-generation Volkswagen Touareg could surface by 2017. Given the Touareg’s parental stablemate, the Audi Q7, was just replaced with the next-generation model, it was only a matter of time the platform cousin on Volkswagen’s side would receive a similar overhaul. That said, the new Touareg will ride on the same modular platform […]

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