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Report: Lamborghini anticipates sales hike by 2019 following launch of crossover SUV

Lamborghini is really betting on the success of the soon-to-be launched Urus crossover SUV to boost the company’s global sales figures. Clearly reminiscent of the persistent sales wars, Lamborghini anticipates sales could double worldwide to 7,000 units annually by 2019 once the Urus gets launched. The crossover is meant to not only to compete with […]

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Report: California lawmakers are leading the way with new climate change mandates

California legislature is once again setting the new laws to help combat climate change. They are, after all, the leading entity that led the first efforts of enforcing America’s Clean Air Act on automobile emissions. However, these new greenhouse emissions mandates aren’t just focusing on the reduction of car emissions. Now, the new bill is […]

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Report: Jeremy Clarkson shares his worst cars of 2015 and 2016

Whether you like Jeremy Clarkson or not, you cannot deny that he is a significantly influential voice in the automotive media industry. Above all, his critique of automobiles is hugely entertaining, especially when the cars are bad. Speaking of which, it just so happens Clarkson announced his list of the 10 worst cars he drove […]

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We’re teaming up with Guys Gab to check out the 2017 Volvo S90

Here at egmCarTech, I’m not worried one bit to be experimental and so, some experimenting is going to happen. Click here for more news on the 2017 Volvo S90. Tomorrow, at around 8AM Eastern Standard US time, I’ll be boarding a seaplane on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which will whisk me away to […]

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Report: The Tesla Model S and Model X now come with two-year lease options

Tesla’s on a huge sales offensive to meet end-of-the-year goals. This benefits the customer usually in the form of discounts and easier purchasing or leasing options–and that’s exactly what happened as of recent. Earlier today, Tesla officially announced to be introducing new two-year lease options for the Model X and Model S electric vehicles. While […]

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Volvo Cars and Uber team up for joint venture developing autonomous vehicles w/ video

Volvo Cars continues to move forward with its efforts to innovate and the company’s latest partnership with Uber is living proof. Just recently, the two entities¬†joined forces to cooperatively develop autonomous driving vehicles to develop a self-driving fleet for Uber. In the latest statement, the two pledged a combined total of $300 million USD to […]

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Consumer group warns against buying used cars from CarMax

CarMax, the nation’s largest used car retailer, is in hot water following accusations for selling recalled cars, according to an official statement released by the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety. In CARS’ latest press release, the group warns against buying used cars from CarMax. CARS alleges the company sold and “continues to sell unsafe, […]

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Report: Volkswagen plans three platforms to spawn 30 EVs by 2025

Volkswagen might be getting constantly kicked down for their Dieselgate scandal, but that’s not stopping them from shifting all of their efforts to produce more electric vehicles. In fact, Volkswagen AG’s plans are so ambitious,¬†AutomotiveNews reports VW could produce as many as 30 different EV models by 2025, which is becoming a possibility thanks to […]

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Report: Kia might build a next-gen Rio-based crossover with a plug-in hybrid setup

Kia is in the midst of overhauling their entire lineup, including a new Rio entry-level group of models to succeed the current offerings. The Rio is most known as the company’s subcompact hatchback, a car that competes with the likes of the Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta, and the Chevrolet Sonic, just to name a few. […]

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The 2016 Sprinter WORKER

Report: Mercedes-Benz could be making their first all-electric Sprinter van soon

Mercedes-Benz recently gave their electrification efforts a nice healthy jolt as the company not too long ago confirmed to be ramping up efforts to build more electric vehicles. This even includes the Sprinter van, according to the¬†Detroit Bureau. The outlet spoke to the chief in charge of the familiar VS30 van, Ulf Zillig, who said […]

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