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2016 – Volvo Wagon History

Volvo confirms the V90 once again and reflects on its history of selling over six million wagons to date

We all know a Volvo V90 luxury wagon based on the new S90 luxury sedan is on its way. Volvo knows this as well and as a result, they’ve decided to tease us officially since the V90 is about to be revealed on February 19th. Volvo is once again continuing its tradition of building wagons […]

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Report: The long-roof Volvo V90 should debut in February in Sweden

Teknikens Varld reports that Volvo’s long-roof version of the handsome S90 sedan is expected to be revealed next month at a special event in Stockholm, as an addition and supplement for Europe’s love for wagons. We already sorta’ knew a V90 was on the way as pictures of diecast models of both the S90 and V90 […]

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Video: The Volvo S90’s interior gets showcased in some moving pictures

It’s no doubt that the new Volvo S90 is one suave Swede on the way to make an impression in the world of the luxury sedan. And to make sure our appetites are already wet for the new flagship four-door, Volvo published a new video, highlighting some of the S90’s interior features and luxury appointments. […]

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Report: A coupe version of the Volvo S90 could surface to compete with the BMW 6-Series

Volvo’s apparently very serious about upping their ante as a competitor to the already preexisting players in the mass-market luxury segment, particularly in the coupe niche, where AutoExpress in the UK reports the Swedes could come up with a coupe version of the S90 to pick a fight with the likes of the BMW 6-Series and […]

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Report: Rumors are stirring about a Volvo S90 Polestar, and we’re hoping they’re true

Some rumors have been floating about regarding a Volvo S90 Polestar Edition, which would basically make a high-performance luxury sedan out of the already handsome S90. They might even give the same treatment to the V90 Estate as well. How lovely does that sound? Speculation from CarThrottle begins with the top-spec S90 T8 and its turbocharged […]

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2017 Volvo S90

Say hello to the all-new drop-dead sexy Volvo S90 flagship sedan

Today’s the day for Swedish car fans, especially lovers of Volvo as the Gothenburg-based automaker just revealed their all-new flagship sedan since the S80 from 2006–meet the Volvo S90. As expected, the S90 sports a new design heavily influenced by the XC90 crossover that came before it with a sleek, swept-back design. Expected, since numerous […]

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Tune in online to watch Volvo reveal the all-new S90 sedan from Sweden on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd

Volvo’s on the verge of revealing their hotly anticipated flagship sedan, the replacement to the S80, the all-new S90. In recent past, we already caught a solid glimpse as to what to expect with Volvo’s new luxury sedan, which is ready to replace the ancient, but tried, tested and true S80 sedan. The glimpse came […]

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Volvo In-car Delivery

Video: Volvo launches delivery service to your car in Sweden with PostNord

Not too long ago, Audi launched a pilot program to test some waters for convenience by teaming up with DHL and Amazon to offer delivery service to your car in select countries in Europe. Sounds pretty neat to arrive at your car, only to find a package you’ve been waiting for already delivered in the […]

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2015 LA – Volvo Concept 26 (6)

2015 Los Angeles: Volvo introduces Concept 26, a new idea towards in-car dashboard design for autonomous driving

Volvo Cars officially has been known to be working heavily towards semi-autonomous and autonomous driving technology and their latest reveal at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is an example of this. Rather than revealing a new car, they revealed a new design concept for their interiors, promoting and exhibiting their push towards autonomous driving […]

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Volvo files trademarks for C40 and C60 names, could signal some new coupes

Volvo’s heavily in the midst of overhauling their entire lineup and so far, we’ve seen a new second-generation XC90 and also know a new S90 and V90 flagship duo is on the way. Now, the Swedish automaker was found to have registered trademarks for the names, C40 and C60, which suggest the company’s working on […]

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