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Report: Audi is in hot water for emission cheating software again…

As if Volkswagen AG and Audi weren’t already deep in Dieselgate issues… What’s going on? Volkswagen AG’s and Audi’s issues with its diesel passenger cars as of recent put the company under major scrutiny following the discovery of emissions-cheating software. This ultimately led to the “Dieselgate” scandal that’s been plaguing your automotive headlines (and major) […]

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Report: A midcycle refresh of the Volkswagen Golf is around the corner

Volkswagen is hard at work to redo its entire future product strategy amid pressure from Dieselgate. What’s going on? A new report from AutoCar indicates that Volkswagen is on the verge of implementing a midcycle refresh of the current seventh generation Golf. Because of the recent diesel emission scandal, dubbed Dieselgate, many of us are wondering what […]

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Report: Volkswagen to introduce EV concept at Paris, 300 miles on one charge for the people

There’s no doubt that Volkswagen’s image is horribly tarnished following the infamous Dieselgate emissions scandal, which continues to affect the company today. That said, the outlook for future diesel passenger cars from the People’s Car doesn’t look too positive and to compensate, Volkswagen’s shifting its focus heavily towards production electric vehicles. One of these electric […]

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2016 Skoda Superb Hatch

Report: Skoda could find themselves entering the U.S. market

Ever hear of the brand Skoda? Probably not, and it’s not your fault. It is a small automaker that’s based in the Czech Republic and is owned by Volkswagen AG. Basically, they get by producing cars that are essentially restyled or reengineered Audis and Volkswagens. But they’re also on the more affordable side, winning some positive remarks […]

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Report: Volkswagen plans three platforms to spawn 30 EVs by 2025

Volkswagen might be getting constantly kicked down for their Dieselgate scandal, but that’s not stopping them from shifting all of their efforts to produce more electric vehicles. In fact, Volkswagen AG’s plans are so ambitious, AutomotiveNews reports VW could produce as many as 30 different EV models by 2025, which is becoming a possibility thanks to […]

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Video: Watch Jay Leno try out a very unique rotary-powered Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetles are known for many things, one of them being a reason to punch your siblings while saying, “no punch backs.” But they are not known for going fast, that is, unless you shoehorn something at the back in place of the Beetle’s simple four-banger. Many owners have done that, ranging from more modern Volkswagen […]

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Report: Dud bomb from World War II discovered during Volkswagen HQ renovations

Things almost went from zero-to-100 real fast for construction workers and Volkswagen AG employees when crews taking on renovations at the company’s HQ in Wolfsburg discovered a 551-pound dud bomb from World War II. It was found to be located 18-feet underground from where many of Volkswagen’s employees moved about to make Jettas, Golfs, Passats, […]

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U.S. Department of Justice rules Volkswagen must buy back Dieselgate cars

We all know things haven’t been easy for Volkswagen AG and the governments of the world in the wake of the infamous Dieselgate scandal that’s been plaguing VW. But after months of arbitration and negotiations, Volkswagen AG just announced to have reached an agreement with the EPA and U.S. Department of Justice on how to […]

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Volkswagen could reach a settlement for Dieselgate by July

As we go about our daily lives, the United States Federal Court is arbitrating over how Volkswagen will compensate owners affected by Dieselgate in America. Now, a new statement from Volkswagen, along with a supporting report by Reuters, says Volkswagen could come to an agreement and settlement with the U.S. Federal Court over how the company […]

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Report: Volkswagen goes completely back to the drawing board to rebuild brand’s image

Volkswagen’s had it rough lately, though no sympathy can really be had because of the level of deception being accounted for involving the company’s latest scandal called Dieselgate. It’s affected them so profoundly that Volkswagen AG is being forced to retreat back to the drawing board to completely revamp their future product offensive, all in […]

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