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2016 LA Preview – Subaru VIZIV 7 Concept

2016 LA Preview: The Subaru VIZIV 7 Concept is clearly aimed at Volkswagen’s new Atlas

Subaru reveals a new handsome large SUV concept that can seat seven. What’s going on? Subaru seized the spotlights and media coverage of the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show to reveal a new full-size crossover SUV that can seat seven. If that sounds familiar, that’s because VOlkswagen just revealed the Atlas, a new seven-seater full-size […]

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Subaru celebrates building its third-millionth car in America

Subaru has been assembling cars in America ever since their first US-based factory location opened up in Lafayette, IN in 1989. The company has since expanded production at this location, which first started off as a joint-venture between Subaru and Isuzu. Over time, Subaru gained full rights to the factory location, taking ownership and eventually, […]

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Report: Are the Subaru Outback and Legacy the first proactively politically correct cars?

Let’s say you’re about the drop the kids or little cousins off to school, but you accidentally left SiriusXM’s adult stand-up comedy channel on from the last time you drove. Then, when you go to start the car, the radio starts blaring the epic foul-mouthed humor of George Carlin or Louis CK–not exactly the best […]

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Motorsports: Subaru will attempt record time for Isle of Man Attack in new WRX STI

The Isle of Man Attack is one of the most iconic road course events in motorsports, particularly the FIA World Rally Championship, mainly because it’s one of the most difficult competitions because of the daunting course involved. It is a loop that involves 37.8 miles in total, nearly three times that of the Nurburgring Nordschliefe […]

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2016 New York – 2017 Subaru Impreza Reveal

2016 New York Preview: The 2017 Subaru Impreza gets updated and revised for the Big Apple

Pictures provided by Subaru of America, Inc. After a quick teaser earlier this month, Subaru held a special event to reveal the updated 2017 Impreza sedan at a special reception before the 2016 New York Auto Show’s press viewings. No details were shared yet, but Subaru promised to give us the full beans at their […]

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2016 New York: Subaru teases new Impreza, looks a lot like the old Impreza

What you see above is the latest teaser for Subaru’s all-new Impreza for 2017, which will be revealed in full at the New York Auto Show on March 23. It’s not the 2016 Impreza, which is somewhat surprising because it looks a whole lot like the current model from this angle. Even more concerning, it […]

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2016 Geneva Preview: Some new Subaru XV Concept gets teased ahead of its March reveal

Subaru seems to be prepping something exciting for this year’s 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March and it’s called the XV Concept. It’s supposedly a new crossover-based Impreza 5-Door, so think of it as the Subaru Impreza Crosstrek’s likely successor. Not much else is known, except visually with this minor teaser, but the XV Concept […]

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2016 Chicago Preview: Some new Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition expected to surface

Subaru officially announced to be introducing a new “Special Edition” of the Crosstrek at the Chicago Auto Show this year. Like most other “specially” packaged editions of cars, it mainly consists of a unique color with bespoke trim appointments, both on the outside and on the inside. In the case of this special edition Crosstrek, […]

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Report: The next-gen Subaru WRX STI could have 325hp+ from a hybrid powertrain

Australia’s┬áMotoring appears to have received the scoop on the next-generation Subaru WRX STI and according to their finding, the new model should be out sometime in 2017 with a game-changing hybrid powertrain. The new model is being developed on the company’s new Subaru Global Platform and the WRX STI itself could have as much as […]

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2015 LA – Subaru Impreza Concept (25)

2015 Los Angeles: The Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept previews the next-gen Impreza sedan

Subaru caught some of the limelight at the 2015 Los Angeles International Auto Show to debut the new Impreza Sedan Concept. As indicated by the name and point-blank obviousness, this is a straight-up preview of the next-generation Impreza sedan, which we hope will closely resemble the production model. We say we hope since Subaru has […]

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1976 Original Subaru 1400/1600 Service Manual - MSA-106 picture
1976 Original Subaru 1400/1600 Service Manual - MSA-106
2000-2004 Subaru Legacy Outback REAR CUP HOLDER OEM #250 picture
2000-2004 Subaru Legacy Outback REAR CUP HOLDER OEM #250
1974 Original Subaru 1400 Service Manual - BODY SECTION # MSA 203 A picture
1974 Original Subaru 1400 Service Manual - BODY SECTION # MSA 203 A
 JNC 019 18x9 Matte Bronze +20 fit  Scion TC Subaru Impreza WRX  picture
JNC 019 18x9 Matte Bronze +20 fit Scion TC Subaru Impreza WRX