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2015 Frankfurt – IAA: Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance get down to the details with stronger partnership

It’s no news that Daimler and Renault-Nissan are working together under a new Alliance pact to share resources and cooperatively develop technology and cars. Amid the latest media frenzy at the Frankfurt Motor Show however, Daimler’s and Renault-Nissan’s head-honchos met up for a bit of a sit down and a press conference, where they shared […]

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Report: Smart to attempt to become relevant again with a small crossover

If you’ve been wondering what Smart’s been up to lately, we have been too. But it just so happens that AutoCar got the scoop on some new plans from Smart, given it seems they’ve just disappeared in the muck of stiff automotive competition. In order to try and become relevant again, Smart is apparently trying to […]

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Mercedes-Benz confirms additional hybrid models, plus variants to Smart ForTwo

Mercedes-Benz’s parent, Daimler, recently announced some major changes happening to Mercedes’ and Smart’s lineup. For starters Mercedes-Benz’s lineup will see an increase in hybrid models, mainly for the C-, E-, and S-Class models. This is most likely in a response to BMW’s announcement to increase their plug-in hybrid offerings by selling a variant for each […]

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Smart ForJeremy Concept Live

2012 LA: Smart ForJeremy Concept will enter limited production in 2013

I just returned from a party held in Hollywood on the eve of the 2012 LA Auto Show by Smart. That’s right – Mercedes-Benz’s Smart brand had something exciting planned for us upon our arrival to the City of Angeles at the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, with music provided by the artist M.I.A. […]

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2013 Smart ForTwo Electric

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric price starts at $25,000

Smart has announced the pricing details on the ForTwo Electric Drive, which is on its way to dealerships now. The price tag starts at $25,000, making it the most affordable production electric vehicle in the U.S. The convertible model will start at $28,000 and will hit the U.S. market in spring of 2013. Smart is […]

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Smart ForStars Concept Main View

Smart ForStars Concept is an electric ‘Sports Utility Coupe’

“Smart is reaching for the stars,” that’s what the brand says in its recent statement for a new concept vehicle that will make its debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Known as the Smart ForStars, the concept hints at an electrically driven SUC – or Sports Utility Coupe. That’s right, this is a sports […]

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Smart Ad Frame

2013 Smart ForTwo gets three new fun commercials

On September 10, Smart launched an all-new ad campaign to continue its ever-growing sales momentum composed of three separate commercial shorts. The ads will be running on TV, as well as online, with each of the three highlighting a differing feature of the car. One, called “Tough” shows off the model’s tridion safety cell, “Custom […]

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Smart Bird Crap Tweet

Owned! Smart brilliantly replies to negative tweet

Social media allows us to voice our opinion on many things and sometimes we forget that others are watching. So if you happen to send out a Tweet about a company, just remember, they can see it and they might even reply. That’s what recently happen when Twitter user @adtothebone send out a tweet about […]

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2012 Geneva: Brabus Smart eBike

2012 Geneva: Brabus Smart ForTwo Electric and an eBike with max speed of 30 mph

Brabus, known for its very high-performance Mercedes-Benz modifications is showing something a little more environmentally ‘smart’ at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The company is showing yet another Smart ForTwo electric drive – however, this time they are accompanying it with a smart Brabus bike. Besides the upgraded stealthy look of Smart Brabus electric drive, […]

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Smart ForTwo Sharpred

Smart ForTwo Sharpred unveiled, only 1,800 will be built

It’s time to meet the latest special edition from Daimler’s Smart brand. Known as the Smart ForTwo Sharpred, the special edition model is a real eye-catcher with a red and black paint scheme and is available as a coupe or convertible. The outside also features a front apron and rear trim panel that are grained […]

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JDM OEM TRD Carbon Look Intelligent Key Case Smart Cover TOYOTA 86 GT86 JAPAN picture
JDM OEM TRD Carbon Look Intelligent Key Case Smart Cover TOYOTA 86 GT86 JAPAN
New Mann Cabin Air Filter, CUK2132 picture
New Mann Cabin Air Filter, CUK2132
New Mann Air Filter, C2716 picture
New Mann Air Filter, C2716
New Gates Racing Micro-V High Performance V-Ribbed Belt, K040310RPM picture
New Gates Racing Micro-V High Performance V-Ribbed Belt, K040310RPM
New Gates DriveAlign Premium OE Automatic Belt Tensioner, 39190 picture
New Gates DriveAlign Premium OE Automatic Belt Tensioner, 39190