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Scion introduces the xB Release Series 10.0 for New York

Scion is preparing to introduce a new packaged variant to the Scion xB lineup for the 2014 New York Auto Show later this year. Labeled as the Scion xB Release Series 10.0, only 1,500 units will be produced and it comes with a unique Electric Quartz colored exterior. To try and increase the “cool” appeal […]

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BREAKING – Report: Toyota recalls 6.39 million cars

It would seem that GM is no longer alone in the corner of shame. Okay, perhaps that is a bit harsh, as we mentioned yesterday, it’s not really about shame, so much as it is about ensuring that potential customers are not dissuaded by a reputation of hidden problems and that lawsuits and fines are […]

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Report: Toyota GT 86 sales not as high as expected, jeopardizes performance model

A report from AutoExpressUK states that the Toyota GT 86 has fallen short on sales expectations in major markets. As a result, this has put the possibility of a highly-demanded performance model in jeopardy. This comes after Toyota recently revealed the 2014 Verso with a BMW-sourced 1.6L diesel engine, after the company announced to be receiving […]

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Report: Toyota FT-1 concept does not indicate any upgrades to the GT-86/FR-S

Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, has been channeling a lot of positive energy into the company, supporting cars like the Ft-1, and pushing designers to take chances and to give the bestselling cars on the planet more personality and soul. When it comes to the existing two-door rear-drive car, also known as the Subaru BRZ, […]

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Report: Scion plans on remaining stagnant for next three years for model replacements

Edmunds reports that Toyota’s plans of any significant model replacements for Scion aren’t due for at least another three years, with for a possible 2017 model year. The most recent Scion to undergo a considerable update was the tC, while the FR-S also accounts for Scion’s attention. “We are basically selling the same vehicles that […]

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Report: Toyota suspends progress for the GT86 convertible again

Toyota was recently under the magnifying glass after enthusiasts and automobile journalists alike became excited to the rumor that Toyota could be producing a convertible version of its highly successful GT86 sports coupe. Though, details have been inconsistent as the Japanese automobile giant has been uneasy about giving the greenlight for production. And to add […]

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2014 Scion Touchscreen

Scion standardizes LCD touchscreen amongst 2014 lineup changes

Scion confirmed to be standardizing the color touchscreen infotainment interface across all of its models for the 2014 models. In lieu of this, they claim to be the first non-luxury car brand to feature a touchscreen audio system as standard on all models. The screen itself is 6.1-inches in size and offers terrestrial and satellite […]

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Subaru BRZ STi Teaser Coming Soon Front

BREAKING: Brace yourselves, the Subaru BRZ STi officially teased on STi’s homepage in Japan

Subaru and Toyota have seriously made an impression with their BR-Z/FR-S/GT-86 collaborative sports car. But what kept us sitting at the edge of our seats was the possibility and idea if Subaru in particular was ever going to produce an STi version of its much-loved BR-Z sports coupe. Skeptical cynics and enthusiasts alike have doubted […]

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2014 Scion tC Taillight Detail

Scion prices 2014 tC coupe at $19,210 with manual, $1,000 more for the automatic

After debuting at this year’s 2013 New York International Auto Show, Scion has officially priced the newly updated 2014 tC coupe starting at $19,210 with a manual transmission, while the automatic model starts for $20,210. Majority of the 2014 Scion tC’s mechanicals carry over from the outgoing model as the changes mostly lie in minor […]

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Report: Scion may be moving upmarket to compete in near-luxury segments

AutoWeek on behalf of AutomotiveNews reportedly spoke to Scion last week during the 2013 New York Auto Show and they learned that Scion may be considering moving upmarket to compete against the likes of Mini and others such as the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and the Audi A3. Click here for our original post on the 2014 […]

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