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2016 Toyota Tacoma Back to the Future (13)

Hey! Check out that new 4×4! Toyota unveils Back to the Future Tacoma in full w/ poll

Hey check out that new four-by-four! In lieu of Back to the Future day, the at-the-time futuristic day when Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown arrived from October 26, 1985 to the current date, Toyota fully revealed their latest reimagination of Marty McFly’s Toyota Hilux in the form of the latest 2016 Tacoma. Revealed in Toyota’s […]

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Report: The Dodge Viper could be slain in 2017 w/ poll

Mopar enthusiast site, Allpar, reports of some sad news indicating the Dodge Viper could be sentenced by death by 2017. Mopar’s supercar hasn’t been a huge sales success, for reasons unknown to us, because it’s an astonishingly amazing car for the money. In fact, sales have been so slow, production was ceased on a number of […]

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Poll: Apple to introduce their own car by 2019, would you buy one?

You may have heard it in the news before, but tech giant Apple, yes that Apple, the one once ran by the famous Steve Jobs, and the producer of insanely popular trendy smartphones, has a desire to make their own car. According to the latest development from The Wall Street Journal, Apple may actually make it happen […]

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Poll: A Ferrari Dino will happen and get an all-new turbocharged V6

CAR reports a new Ferrari Dino is in the works as a potential new entry-level model with a relatively modest tag of around 185,000 euros, or just short of $208,000. The entry-level Ferrari has been rumored for a little while now and was recently bolstered with news of Ferrari’s latest plans to start incorporating modular […]

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2004 Ford Bronco Concept (19)

Poll: Is the Ford Bronco slated to make a comeback? Would you buy one?

Editor’s note: Participate in our poll after the jump! Ford will definitely want to see the results. And your input matters to make things happen! Some news regarding Ford has been rolling in recently after some attention was brought to a significant dip in the company’s stock value, due to a bleak forecast future in […]

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Poll: The next Honda Odyssey could gain all-wheel drive

Ever dreamed of building an all-wheel drive rally minivan? Well, your chance may come soon enough since Edmunds heard Honda could be adding the option for all-wheel drive on the next-generation Honda Odyssey. Ok, it wouldn’t be just for the sole purpose of building an all-wheel drive Honda rally van like the old fourth-generation Civic, but rather […]

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2013 Volkswagen Golf

VW design chief says clean and simple is in, flamboyant is out… do you agree?

According to Volkswagen global design chief Walter de’ Silva, minimalist styling is the new look of the future. In a recent interview with Automotive News, de’ Silva said that the dad for flamboyant and aggressively designed cars are over. de’ Silva pointed out to clean and simple designs like the Volkswagen Golf calling them timeless. […]

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Ford Go Further

Ford drops ‘Drive one.’ tagline, it’s time to ‘Go Further’ (w/ Poll)

FoMoCo is focused on becoming a global automaker and has done quite well in the past couple of years by streamlining its portfolio and offering some global models including the Fiesta and Focus. Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally is keen on keeping a single uniform idea for all of Ford’s markets with fuel-efficiency at the forefront […]

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Lamborghini Urus / Lamborghini Estoque

Poll: Should Lamborghini produce the Urus SUV or the Estoque sedan?

At the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, Lamborghini took the covers off of its new crossover concept known as the Urus. Contrary to what you may be hearing, the SUV hasn’t been confirmed as the third-model in Lamborghini’s lineup – in fact, that’s far from the truth. At the press conference during the launch of the […]

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Honda Concept C

Poll: Should the Honda Concept C establish the design theme for next Accord?

At the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, Honda unveiled the new Concept C – a study the company says hints at a new mid-sized that is being developed specially for the Chinese market. Check out our original post on the Honda Concept C. Now we’re not sure if the Concept C will also become the next-generation Accord, […]

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Flywheel Rotor Stator Flywheel for 152QMI 125cc GY6 Engine 6 Poll SHIPS FROM USA picture
Flywheel Rotor Stator Flywheel for 152QMI 125cc GY6 Engine 6 Poll SHIPS FROM USA
Stator Rotor Flywheel For 139QMB Series 4 Cycle 50cc Scooter Engine 8 Poll picture
Stator Rotor Flywheel For 139QMB Series 4 Cycle 50cc Scooter Engine 8 Poll
Polls Royce. Ignition Distributor. Part# 54420642 picture
Polls Royce. Ignition Distributor. Part# 54420642