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2017 Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet

2016 LA Preview: The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet is the sub-brand’s latest model addition

Only 300 examples of the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet will hit production. And it also comes with some bags. What is it? Mercedes-Maybach might be getting by just adding more luxury to the already pretty damn luxurious Mercedes-Benz S-Class. They do so by giving it a special treatment worthy of an extra several tens of thousands […]

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The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

2016 Monterey: The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 gets revealed, a large and lavish coupe concept

Mercedes’ new luxury sub-brand, Mercedes-Maybach, helped to kick off Monterey Car Week and the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this year with a new, high-profile coupe concept. Meet the enormously large and lavish Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 coupe concept. And when we mean enormously large, we mean enormously large. At over 18-feet long, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach […]

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1964 Mercedes-Benz 600 Grosser

Report: Mercedes-Benz S-Class due at Hamburg in May, to have upmarket variants to compete w/ Rolls-Royce

During the festivities of the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, AutoCarUK was able to learn that Mercedes-Benz will be gearing up to debut their all-new next-generation S-Class at this year’s auto show in Hamburg on the 15th of May. “The S-class is the most important car of all to us,” said Mercedes-Benz’s CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche. […]

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Mercedes-Benz, Daimler finally confirms death of Maybach

While Daimler AG killed the uber-luxury Maybach in November of 2011, the company never really officially confirmed the death of the brand. Today, Daimler and Mercedes finally ended the silence and confirmed the death of Maybach. Since everyone already knew that Maybach was going to die, Daimler didn’t even drop a press released confirming the […]

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2012 Maybach 57 S

Report: Maybach offers $100,000 rebate for customers as brand slowly dies

Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-luxury brand, Maybach, which was built to compete against the ultra-luxurious Brits, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, has been noted to be very much on its death bed. But to make sure that the brand sells off as much of their production stock as possible, Maybach has reportedly been offering a six-figure cash rebate for their […]

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Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive Concept

Report: The end of Maybach could give life to a Mercedes S-class convertible

After dropping Maybach, Mercedes-Benz my now have the excess to invest more in its S-Class lineup, which could mean a convertible S-Class in the next year or two. Mercedes-Benz has yet to confirm this fact, however, executive that spoke with AutoWeek at the New York Auto Show did not deny it, either. Perhaps the Ocean Drive […]

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Jay-Z and Kanye’s ‘Otis’ Maybach auctioned off for $60,000

We learned last month that the extremely modified Maybach used in Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’ video was going under the auction hammer to benefit the Save the Children foundation. The destroyed Maybach was expected to bring an estimated of $100,000 dollars – well, it turns out that people didn’t go that ‘cray’ over the […]

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Maybach was killed because Daimler lost more than $430,000 on each unit

Maybach has announced that seven years into its run, the ultra-luxury automaker will be closing its doors for good in 2013. Several factors have contributed to the brand’s demise. Hyper-focused on aesthetics and refinement, Maybach used its price tag to represent status, not the ground-breaking technology, stellar engineering, or ahead-of-the-curve releases like one might expect […]

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Bentley Continental GT V8

Report: Bentley hoping to lure celebrities away from Maybach as brand dies

Bentley is taking a proactive approach to its marketing as part of a battle of the ultra-luxury brands against the Maybach brand. The company is sending out letters to Maybach owners in attempts to take advantage of Maybach withdrawing to try and snatch up some of its clientele. Famous figures such as Jay-Z, King Juan […]

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2012 Maybach model lineup gets a bump in prices

It was recently reported that Daimler AG is pulling the plug on the uber-luxury Maybach brand. It seems like before Maybach rests in peace, Daimler will be bumping the prices on the 57, 62 and Landaulet models. The 2012 Maybach 57 will start at $379,050, while its 57 S model will start at $418,950. The […]

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20X10.5" 5X112 ET 40 CB 74.1 Matt Black Wheels For AUDI-A5-A6-A8-A8L MAYBACH-57S
20X9" 5X112 ET 38 CB 74.1 Wheels Gunmental Machine Face For AUDI//VOLKSWAGEN
H3 Samsung LED 42-SMD Canbus Hyper White 6000K Headlight 2x Bulb #Mp5 Fog Light picture
H3 Samsung LED 42-SMD Canbus Hyper White 6000K Headlight 2x Bulb #Mp5 Fog Light
H3 Samsung LED 42-SMD Canbus Bright White 6000K Headlight 2 Bulb #Mg5 Fog Light picture
H3 Samsung LED 42-SMD Canbus Bright White 6000K Headlight 2 Bulb #Mg5 Fog Light
 BMW 5 & 7 Series Mercedes Benz S Class Rolls Royce Maybach Footrest  Black picture
BMW 5 & 7 Series Mercedes Benz S Class Rolls Royce Maybach Footrest Black