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2017 Land Rover Discovery

2016 Paris Preview: The 2017 Land Rover Discovery, this is it

Land Rover kicks off the 2016 Paris Auto Show debuts with the all-new Discovery. We’re just on the eve of a massive onslaught of new vehicle and concept reveals as we slide into the press showings of the 2016 Paris Auto Show. Helping to kick off the reveals was the recent web unveiling of the […]

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2016 – 2017 Land Rover Discovery Teaser

The next Land Rover Discovery gets teased to replace LR4

Land Rover brings the Disco back! The Land Rover LR4, or the Discovery 4, or the LR3, or Discovery 3–whatever you call it, depending where are from–is Land Rover’s current and aging midsize SUV. And it is old. It is so old and outdated that Land Rover teased the next-generation model, earlier this morning. The company […]

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Jaguar-Land Rover plans a butt-load more of SVR models

Jaguar-Land Rover is getting pretty serious with the expansion of their SVR performance brands, so much that the Special Vehicle Operations division is said to have planned a butt-load of additional models for the near-future. So far, the only official SVR models we have right now since the sub-brand’s establishment in 2014 are the Range […]

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Photo Rendering: Land Rover could be eying a subcompact crossover prospect

Rendering by Motor1 Land Rover’s clearly in the business of making SUVs and crossovers, particularly aimed at the affluent crowd. This of course implies that one needs quite a bit of money to be able to afford a Land Rover of any scale…and the repair bills that they come with. But LR themselves want to […]

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Report: A Chinese manufacturer gets sued again for copying another car, surprise surprise

The ever-lasting battle between Chinese automakers, who don’t have a sense, or even legislation, that outlines copyright protection and the security of intellectual knowledge, continues to rage on as Jaguar-Land Rover just reportedly filed a counterfeit lawsuit against Jiangling Motors, the ones who are responsible for the Range Rover Evoque look-a-like, the Land Wind X7. […]

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2017 Holland & Holland Range Rover

The Holland & Holland Range Rover is J-LR’s closest competitor yet to the Bentley Bentayga

Not too long ago, if you wanted to invest your hard-earned money into the most exquisite SUV money can buy, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class of SUVs, the pinnacle of what should be the ultimate utility vehicle, both in technology and all-around capability, in top of luxury, you would simply buy a Range Rover. And hardly anyone […]

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Jaguar-Land Rover’s autonomous vehicles will “drive like humans would”

One of the many concerns and worries about autonomous cars and their presence in the near-future is how will they drive. Will they all drive systematically based on mathematical calculations based on situational awareness? And what does that mean for determining how smooth they will drive? I don’t know about you, but this is a pretty […]

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2016 – The Last Classic Land Rover Defender

After 68 years in production, the classic Land Rover Defender is finally no more

There are many storied histories throughout the automotive industry, but the one about the Land Rover Defender and how it birthed an icon is by far one of the more significant ones. That’s because the Defender has technically been in production for over 68 years, first beginning life as the pre-production “Huey” Series I. So, […]

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Report: The next Land Rover Defender won’t look at all like the recent concepts

Have you been wondering about the situation regarding the replacement for one of Land Rover’s most iconic models, the Defender? We have too, and thankfully, AutomotiveNews came to our avail to supply us with a new update. For those who are having a hard time remembering, Land Rover has been busy going back and forth on […]

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Report: Jaguar-Land Rover plans to sit the 2016 Detroit Auto Show out

Jaguar-Land Rover has been having an exciting year, from the reveal of their hotly-anticipated XE entry-level luxury sport sedan, to the all-new F-Pace luxury sport crossover–and even on the Land Rover front, with the interesting, yet very niche Range Rover Evoque Convertible. But interestingly, AutomotiveNews and AutoBlog both heard from the Tata-owned firm that JLR will be […]

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4-NEW Mazzi 365 Galaxy 18x7.5 5x108/5x114.3 +40mm Chrome Wheels Rims picture
4-NEW Mazzi 365 Galaxy 18x7.5 5x108/5x114.3 +40mm Chrome Wheels Rims
Shift Clutch 17x8.5 5x108/5x112 +30mm White Wheels Rims picture
Shift Clutch 17x8.5 5x108/5x112 +30mm White Wheels Rims
4-NEW MiRo Type WF25 19x8.5 5x120 +35mm Matte Black Wheels Rims picture
4-NEW MiRo Type WF25 19x8.5 5x120 +35mm Matte Black Wheels Rims
4-NEW Ruff R954 22x9 5x120 +32mm Satin Black Wheels Rims picture
4-NEW Ruff R954 22x9 5x120 +32mm Satin Black Wheels Rims
4-NEW Touren TR9 18x8 5x108/5x114.3 +40mm Silver Wheels Rims picture
4-NEW Touren TR9 18x8 5x108/5x114.3 +40mm Silver Wheels Rims