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Report: Future high-performance Jaguars could be powered by BMW

Jaguar has made some pretty formidable powerplants, from one of history’s most renowned straight-sixes, to their current high-performance and rev-happy V8s. They even power all V8 Land Rovers and have been since the Range Rover stopped using a BMW V8 in 2005. But it seems the age of Jaguar engines is coming to an end […]

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Report: Jaguar apparently ditches any sports car efforts for EVs

Some strange and rather surprising news comes in from Jaguar via Automobile Magazine, where the outlet learned that the Coventry-based automaker is said to be ditching any future plans to build high-performance or sports cars, including no XK coupe or convertible replacement and production C-X75. Sad news is sad… According to the news bit, Jaguar instead […]

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Jaguar-Land Rover plans a butt-load more of SVR models

Jaguar-Land Rover is getting pretty serious with the expansion of their SVR performance brands, so much that the Special Vehicle Operations division is said to have planned a butt-load of additional models for the near-future. So far, the only official SVR models we have right now since the sub-brand’s establishment in 2014 are the Range […]

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Report: A Chinese manufacturer gets sued again for copying another car, surprise surprise

The ever-lasting battle between Chinese automakers, who don’t have a sense, or even legislation, that outlines copyright protection and the security of intellectual knowledge, continues to rage on as Jaguar-Land Rover just reportedly filed a counterfeit lawsuit against Jiangling Motors, the ones who are responsible for the Range Rover Evoque look-a-like, the Land Wind X7. […]

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2016 Beijing – Jaguar XFL

2016 Beijing Preview: The Jaguar XFL is the long-cat of the mid-size luxury lot for China

Jaguar is hopping on to the long-wheelbase trend with the all-new second-generation XF midsize luxury sports sedan by adding an extended version for Chinese customers only. Perfect for the market who loves to be chauffeured about, the XFL joins the Mercedes-Benz E-Class extended with models from other companies apparently on the way. When compared to […]

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Report: Jaguar will stop building beautiful wagons because nobody’s buying them

AutomotiveNews Europe reports Jaguar will be pulling the plug on any future plans to produce any drop-dead gorgeous wagons, simply because nobody’s buying them. Additionally, the arrival of the F Pace, the company’s first-ever crossover SUV, basically leaves the wagon for dead and smashes any business case worthy of keeping it around. And that’s a […]

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Report: Jaguar F Pace and XE will be sent to the SVR finishing school

Someone at CARandDRIVER has brought some light on the question as to whether or not the new Jaguar F Pace and XE will get some hot-new SVR versions to compete with the likes from Germany. And the answer is apparently yes! According to C/D, both the Jaguar F Pace and the XE sedan will benefit from high-performance […]

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Rumormill: Jaguar could make the glorious return to the straight-six

Jaguar and the inline-six go together like coffee and breakfast in that the two are known to be hallmarks of each other. Jaguar has a fastidious history of producing one of the most legendary engines of them all–their famous “XK6” inline-six. Nearly a half-century, the pre-World War II racing-derived motor served duty in everything from […]

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2016 –  1957 Jaguar XKSS Revival

Jaguar will end up making nine XKSS continuation reproductions, at $1.4m per

Jaguar’s getting all hyped up on its heritage as they officially announced to be producing a total of nine factory-made reproductions of the legendary D-Type racer. The D-Type is legendary, because it was way ahead of its time back in the day. But due to an overflow of D-Type models at shops of racers who […]

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Report: A new next-generation Jaguar XJ flagship sedan could arrive by 2019

Helping us remind ourselves that time is flying by is the fact that the Jaguar XJ is almost seven years old after being introduced in 2009. Furthermore AutoCar just published a report suggesting a next-generation Jaguar XJ could surface sometime in 2019 to replace the current model. This sounds about right since by then, the current […]

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