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Report: General Motors has no regrets dumping Saab, Saturn, Hummer, and Pontiac

AutomotiveNews recently sat down at a press conference with GM’s current CEO, Mary Barra, where she said GM doesn’t miss any of the brands it recently discontinued during the bankruptcy period of 2008. Many GM fans have been mourning over the death of particular stablemates like Pontiac because that brand gave us one of the […]

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Report: GMC may be in the works with a Hummer-like model

Remember when General Motors tried to make Hummer into a successful SUV brand? While they did have a short-lived spurt, they still ended up kicking the bucket, amidst the recent political and financial climate surrounding oil and gas prices. But GMC doesn’t want to let go of Hummer and is apparently in the works with […]

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Chinese Homemade Hummer

Chinese man builds Hummer from scratch, worth $630

General Motors and the Chinese government came to blows over an attempted sell-off of the Hummer brand to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. Ltd, but this hasn’t stopped Qu Zhibo from building his own Hummer. The result may look like a composite of a kiddie jeep, doghouse and wheelbarrow, but one thing is for […]

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Report: U.S. Army testing fuel-efficient Hummvees

Even the U.S. Army is looking to go a little more eco-friendly as it searches to replace the Humvee with a more fuel efficient model. A program initiated by the U.K. based Ricardo Inc. called the Fuel Efficient Demonstrator has a goal to “improve military vehicle technology, reduce fuel consumption on the battlefield and reduce […]

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FBI arrests two people in Hummer exporting scheme

Charges will be filed by the FBI against two people involved in a scheme where over 200 Hummers had been fraudulently sold. The Hummers were sold overseas by a salesman working at a car dealership in Omaha that was stocking the SUVs. He has already been arrested, but the FBI is still after the owner […]

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Hummer recalling all H3 units produced since 2006 model year

General Motors said that it is recalling all Hummer H3 units produced since the 2006 model year to fix a portion of the hood that can detach during driving. The voluntary recall affects 164,190 H3 and H3Ts in the United States and 198,404 worldwide. Spokesman Nick Richards said that a device on the hood called […]

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GM’s closed brands inventory almost done

General Motors announced today that within the next couple of months, the Detroit automaker will no longer be selling vehicles from the brands it is eliminating. Executives said that there are about 2,000 Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles left in its inventory. During the month of April, GM sold 52 Pontiacs, 373 Saturns and 481 […]

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GM to shut down Hummer for good, clearance sale through end of April

General Motors told its dealers earlier this morning that it is shutting down its Hummer brand for good. After a possible sale to Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery failed to receive Chinese government approval in February, GM said it will consider other offers for the SUV brand. After failing to come to terms with other offers, […]

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GeigerCars Hummer H2 Bomber rides on Mattracks rubber tracks

While Hummer is preparing to wind down, GeigerCars is continuing its obsession with the brand and American brands in general. The tuner has just released its Hummer H2 Bomber, an H2 wearing four Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks that replace your 20-inch chrome wheels. “n contrast to the regular wheels with their 8.5″ x 20″ rims […]

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New York artist turns Hummer H2 into a horse carriage

An artist by the name of Jeremy Dean created something called “Back to the Futurama,” a statement to the current American consumer culture, the auto industry and the economic recession. Dean figured that the biggest impressions he could make for his “Back to the Futurama” would be to turn a Hummer H2 into a horse […]

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Hummer H3 pedal set- NO RESERVE picture
Hummer H3 pedal set- NO RESERVE
HardDrive Intake Clamp Set Heavy-Duty For Harley-Davidson Brass 61210 picture
HardDrive Intake Clamp Set Heavy-Duty For Harley-Davidson Brass 61210
Harley Davidson Hummer Scat Pacer or Bobcat seat spring  picture
Harley Davidson Hummer Scat Pacer or Bobcat seat spring
7" Halogen Amber 6-LED Turn Signal Headlight Headlamp Running Lights Bulb - Each
17x9 Gunmetal Level 8 Scorpion 6x5.5 -12 Wheels Open Country AT II 285/70/17 picture
17x9 Gunmetal Level 8 Scorpion 6x5.5 -12 Wheels Open Country AT II 285/70/17