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Report: Volkswagen could expand use of smaller EV platform for larger vehicles

Volkswagen AG is on a hard product offensive that came a little bit earlier than intended, following everything coming crashing down from Dieselgate. The new mission is to focus on electrification and as a result, the plan is to have a huge burst of new EV or hybrid models in the near future from nearly […]

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2016 – Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is a one-off model designed for one very special British customer

Imagine being a One Percent’er of society, albeit one that’s well vetted, and imagine that status alone has given you the power to¬†put in a request with Ferrari to build a special car, just for you. Nobody else in the world, out of the seven billion heads in the world, but you. That’s exactly one […]

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2016 – BMW i8 Performance Test Mule Spy Shots by Motor1

Spy Shots: What is this odd BMW i8 test mule with the weird vents on the back window?

Critics and fans have been contemplating the possibilities of any potential future variants of the BMW i8 since the car was first introduced. Some believed and still believe a droptop i8 is going to happen, while a more powerful version was said to be in the works. Keep in mind though, BMW turned down any […]

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Leaked: Could this be the new next-generation Porsche Panamera?

A picture of a four-door Porsche has apparently leaked on the Interwebs this morning, and it’s been all the talk today. That four-door Porsche would of course be none other than the Panamera, discounting their crossover SUVs–that’s what the leak is of and if true, it looks like Porsche’s dialed back the ugly a bit […]

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Recalls: 2013-2014 Ford F150 recalled for defective brake master cylinder

Ford and the NHTSA issued a statement recalling some 250,000+ 2013-2014 F150 pickups over a defective brake master cylinder. The defect involves a leak of brake fluid within the master cylinder, which could seep into the brake booster, affecting its function greatly. Because brakes are supposed to be a sealed system, any loss in pressure […]

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2016 GMC Yukon SLT Premium Edition

The GMC Yukon SLT Premium Edition is basically a stripped-down Yukon Denali

General Motors loves badgineering, as is evident with their latest line of full-size SUVs, which continues to this day, unbothered by the lingering fear of skyrocketing fuel prices. Nonetheless, GMC decided to make their offerings a little bit more accessible, by producing a new trimline called the SLT Premium Edition. Think of it, as other […]

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2016 – Lamborghini Miura turns 50 (2)

The legendary Lamborghini Miura turns 50 this year, the original mid-engined supercar

The Lamborghini Miura, a car that basically needs no explanation, like the Jaguar E-Type, for it is forever engraved in history as one of the world’s most iconic cars. But, we’re going to explain anyway, simply because of how awesome the Miura really is, and how special today is for Lamborghini’s most important car ever. […]

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Volkswagen could reach a settlement for Dieselgate by July

As we go about our daily lives, the United States Federal Court is arbitrating over how Volkswagen will compensate owners affected by Dieselgate in America. Now, a new statement from Volkswagen, along with a supporting report by¬†Reuters, says Volkswagen could come to an agreement and settlement with the U.S. Federal Court over how the company […]

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2016 – First Production 2017 Acura NSX

Video: Holy crap, they actually made one, first 2017 Acura NSX rolls off assembly line

Believe it or not, Acura officially produced their first NSX. No really, they did it. It’s not a “near-production” model or a prototype, or a test mule. It is, the actual, #001, 2017 Acura NSX, and it rolled off the assembly line a few days ago in Marysville, Ohio. Despite feeling like old news, the […]

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Car Tech: Apple files a patent for smartphone application that can remote control your car

It’s 2016 ladies and gents, and what a time to be alive with the evolution of technology, with the mass abundance of what we now call smartphones, or basically, miniature supercomputers in our pockets. The latest development comes from Apple, where a report from several sources discovered a patent filed by the Cupertino-based tech giant, […]

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