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2016 – Volvo Wagon History

Volvo confirms the V90 once again and reflects on its history of selling over six million wagons to date

We all know a Volvo V90 luxury wagon based on the new S90 luxury sedan is on its way. Volvo knows this as well and as a result, they’ve decided to tease us officially since the V90 is about to be revealed on February 19th. Volvo is once again continuing its tradition of building wagons […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo alleged to have delayed Giulia due to failed crash test, turned out to be false

A pretty attention-grabbing report surfaced from the credible folks at AutomotiveNews’ European sector, alleging that Alfa Romeo was going to delay the arrival of the US-spec Giulia because it failed an “undisclosed organization’s” crash test. According to the initial report, the Giulia was said to be introduced completely to the US market, in every possible form, by […]

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Report: BMW M could finally be ready to make the jump to hybridization

It was only a few years ago when BMW’s M Division denied any interest in hybridizing its performance cars, despite the fact that automakers such as Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren made hybrids cool in the eyes of the public, meaning people just don’t think of the Prius when you mention one. But over time, some […]

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Jaguar-Land Rover’s autonomous vehicles will “drive like humans would”

One of the many concerns and worries about autonomous cars and their presence in the near-future is how will they drive. Will they all drive systematically based on mathematical calculations based on situational awareness? And what does that mean for determining how smooth they will drive? I don’t know about you, but this is a pretty […]

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Report: The Cadillac ELR is being axed for good after it ends production

This should really come to no surprise, but AutomotiveNews reconfirmed the Cadillac ELR’s eventual demise when its production run ends for its first generation. Yes, this means there will be no second generation or attempt at the ELR, and yes, that’s because it sold so poorly. Even Cadillac’s own Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, called the […]

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Report: Kia could produce a BMW 3-Series competitor

Things are really heating up for the Korean automakers. Besides a huge boost in popularity, they’re bolstered by the fact that they have quite a team working for them. For example, the lead designers for Hyundai and Kia are former German heavyweights, Luc Donkerwolke and Peter Schreyer on their design team, while the former chief […]

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After 13 years of operations, Toyota kills Scion

Scion is done. It’s a wrap. After 13 years of operations and attempts at trying to win more younger buyers to the Toyota portfolio, the Japanese auto giant decided to close the doors on the “youth” brand of Toyota. I know, who cares–Scions seemed to be pretty lazy reworks of preexisting Toyota models, all aimed […]

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Report: An all-wheel drive Mazda MX-5 is being contemplated

CarAdvice down yonder reports Mazda might be interested in producing an all-wheel drive version of the MX-5. Yes, that would make it a compact, lightweight (relatively, it’ll obviously still be slightly heaveir than the standard MX-5), all-wheel drive roadster. That sounds pretty bad ass, like a what a convertible Subaru BR-Z with all-wheel drive would […]

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First 2017 Acura NSX Scores Record Auction Price of $1.2 Million

The first-ever production 2017 Acura NSX, VIN #001, goes for $1.2 million at Barrett-Jackson

They finally made one! An actual, production, 2017 Acura NSX, with a legit VIN number! After all these years of constant concepts, teasers, and baseless reassurances, “it’s coming, we promise.” It’s almost exciting, because, well, the NSX still manages to feel like old news, despite just commencing production. Nonetheless, the first-ever 2017 Acura NSX, with […]

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Report: More Saab drama, as Saab AB says NEVS is banned from using the name on new cars

It seems another battle is brewing with Saab, but this time, it’s over intellectual property as AutomotiveNews reports Saab Automobile, owned by National Electric Vehicles Sweden, is banned from using the Saab name and Griffin logo for the new cars. After speaking with Saab AB spokesman, Sebasian Carlsson, AutomotiveNews Europe says the company revoked NEVS’s rights to using the […]

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1939 Chevrolet Sales News Volume 7 Number 33 Detroit Industry News September 15  picture
1939 Chevrolet Sales News Volume 7 Number 33 Detroit Industry News September 15
Motorcycle Product News, Oct 1987, Exploding Industry Myths,   Blue box 2 picture
Motorcycle Product News, Oct 1987, Exploding Industry Myths, Blue box 2