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2016 Bastille Day Attack

BREAKING: Truck plows through crowd killing many in Nice, France, during Bastille Day [UPDATED]

Photo Source: Nice-Matin on Twitter Some tragic reports are ringing in from numerous sources that several tens of people are dead after a truck plowed through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day, in the affluent city of Nice, France. As of this post, Reuters and CNN reports at least 30 people were killed with over 100 injured […]

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2016 – LaFerrari Spider First Official Photos

Photo Leak: The LaFerrari Spider–this is pretty much it

Ever since the LaFerrari came to existence, people have been mumbling about in regards to a possible convertible version of Ferrari’s latest hypercar. The mumbling then turned into confirmations, and the confirmations then turned into waiting…but waiting is something that we no longer have to do. That’s because some pictures of Ferrari’s new convertible hypercar […]

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BREAKING: Chris Evans announces his resignation from Top Gear UK, everything comes crashing

Well that was quick. After only one season worth of episodes, BBC Top Gear’s newest host, Chris Evans, announced his decision to throw in the towel. “Stepping down from Top Gear. Gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough. The team are beyond brilliant, I wish them all the best,” Evans Tweeted on […]

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BREAKING: Top Gear USA apparently sentenced to an immediate death

It really seems like the Top Gear brand, not just Top Gear UK, are going belly-up. Rutledge Wood just shared a detailed post on his official Facebook page to say that Top Gear on History is “done for the immediate future on History,” and that the episode scheduled to be released on Tuesday will be […]

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LIVE VIDEO: Watch Audi AG reveal all “new” A5 Coupe in Germany

Audi’s A5 Coupe has been quite a success for the brand, but the car’s been with us in current form since 2007, making it around nine years old. That’s a way longer lifespan than most automakers set for a specific generation of model, especially the Germans, who like to change things faster than a woman […]

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2016 Geneva Preview – Lexus LC500h

2016 Geneva Preview: Lexus reveals the hybridized LC500h luxury coupe

Lexus stole the show at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January with the stunningly hot LC500 coupe, and it wasn’t hot just because it had a burning red exterior. It was hot because it literally looks like Lexus took the LF-LC Concept and called it production ready. And that’s almost exactly what they did. […]

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BREAKING: Top Gear UK reveals full lineup, including Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and more

After numerous reports, teasers, and false indications, Top Gear in the UK officially revealed their entire presenter lineup. Without mucking about, this is who will be starring on the next season of the show–and it’s just not limited to three either: Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, automotive journalist Rory Reid, F1 tycoon Eddie Jordan, and YouTube sensation […]

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2016 NAIAS – 2017 Lexus LC500 (24)

2016 Detroit: Lexus steals the show to reveal the LC500–in full production guise…yes, this is production

So the 2016 North American Auto Show is happening…and out of nowhere, at Lexus’ decided to come up with a new production car to show off for the world to see. And holy cow! What we see in front of our eyes, and your screens, is the all-new, production LC500 luxury sports coupe. And just […]

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Move over Volkswagen: German environmental group claims Renault is also breaking emissions laws

There’s no end to dieselgate, it seems. First it was a few affected Volkswagen and Audi powertrains. Next we learned VW also underreported carbon dioxide emissions and overreported fuel economy for some gas-powered models. Then Porsche diesels were thrown into the mix. The bad press just keeps coming for Volkswagen Auto Group, but if the latest from Reuters […]

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BREAKING: Volkswagen’s TDI V6 in select Audi and Porsche models also have emissions test cheat software

Volkswagen’s really not faring well with their whole Dieselgate scandal, if that wasn’t obvious already, posting nearly a 3.5 billion euro quarterly loss and with around 11 million cars affected worldwide. But those figures are bound to get significantly larger since the Environmental Protection Agency just filed another notice again Volkswagen, citing how Volkswagen’s 3.0L […]

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Jeep Vinyl Decal Breaking Bad Theme Periodic Table
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