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2019 BMW X7 Rendering by

Photo Rendering: This is what the new BMW X7 flagship SUV could look like

BMW is working on a flagship crossover SUV, which is by far the most complete opposite thing of what a BMW really should be. Nonetheless, the X5, X3 and other lineup siblings have proven to be keepers and moneymakers for the Bavarian automaker. Since we know crossover SUVs are the hottest thing right now, BMW […]

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BMW unveils some special 100th anniversary edition 7-Series models with the most ridiculous names

BMW’s naming game hasn’t exactly been the greatest as of recent, particularly when it comes to assigning names to their cars, particularly the special edition models. Take for instance, the latest reveal from the Bavarian automaker, which are decked out 7-Series special edition models to commemorate the company’s first 100 years in existence. But, instead […]

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Report: Four major players from BMW’s i team jump ship for Chinese startup

It can be said that many of these boring bits of news regarding personnel changes are often harbingers and signs of things to come. And this latest development from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggest exactly that as they both report of four key members from BMW’s i team jumping ship for a new Chinese-based startup. […]

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Report: The next-gen BMW X5 could be here as early as next year

Current BMW X5 eDrive test mule pictured. The rate at which Germans are replacing and updating their cars is happening faster than the mood swings of a teenager going through puberty and to serve as an example of this, Australia’s Motoring reportedly spoke to BMW Group’s regional director for down yonder to learn the new X5 could […]

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Report: BMW want’s to make an uber-lux BMW X7 that will cost $100,000

BMW’s known to be working on a new large crossover to finally compete against the Mercedes-Benz GL and more closely now, the Range Rover as well. But that’s not all that will be new for Munich’s lineup of crossovers as a new report from AutomotiveNews says BMW wants to make an extended-wheelbase super-luxury version of the […]

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Report: BMW’s not having it with Mercedes-Maybach, to produce their own super-luxury models

Mercedes-Benz and BMW competing with each other like children over toys is nothing new. Actually, it’s quite fun and has led to many introductions to some of the most legendary automobiles and tales known to man. That said, it’s no surprise that BMW openly expressed their discomfort over the fact that Mercedes-Maybach exists to produce […]

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Report: Future versions of BMW X5 and X6 are to get touchscreen interfaces

The words BMW and user-friendliness and ergonomics just never have seemed to go well together and more often than not, average buyers would find BMWs overwhelming, tedious and nearly enigmatic unless you had a Masters in computer engineering, or a nerd (like yours truly). In order to get the full use of the technology BMWs […]

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2016 BMW M2 M Performance Accessories

BMW releases new M Performance upgrades for the M2

Don’t think you’ll get enough BMW M with the new M2? No worries, as BMW M has you covered with their M Performance brand accessories, specifically for the M2. Should you really want to get the full treatment and effect, BMW M offers M2 MotoGP Safety Car-inspired exterior paint theme and bodykit, including a white […]

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BMW M760Li xDrive

2016 Geneva Preview: Meet the first-ever BMW 7-Series to ever wear an M badge, the new M760i xDrive

The topic of an M-ified BMW 7-Series sedan has been one to be beaten into the bush more than plenty and it’s always been a hot topic. While BMW has managed make a full-fledged M model out of nearly every car they make, they still resisted the temptation to give the 7-Series the full M […]

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Report: BMW M could finally be ready to make the jump to hybridization

It was only a few years ago when BMW’s M Division denied any interest in hybridizing its performance cars, despite the fact that automakers such as Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren made hybrids cool in the eyes of the public, meaning people just don’t think of the Prius when you mention one. But over time, some […]

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Audi BMW Bavaria Porsche 912 VW 411 412 Beetle Fastback Ignition Breaker Points picture
Audi BMW Bavaria Porsche 912 VW 411 412 Beetle Fastback Ignition Breaker Points
BMW AHV2 ecu  picture
BMW AHV2 ecu
2.5" High Power LED COB Projector Fog Lamp DRL w/ Halo Ring Angel Eye Light C05
12" Audi Style LED Strip Daytime Running Light DRL Day Driving Daylight SMD C16
Super Bright LED Daytime Running Light DRL Daylight Kit Fog Lamp Day Lights C16 picture
Super Bright LED Daytime Running Light DRL Daylight Kit Fog Lamp Day Lights C16

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