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2016 BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo (7)

The 2016 BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo comes just in time for the holiday gift season

Feel like treating yourself or someone you really love to an outrageously nice gift? BMW and Alpina have a revised option for you: meet the updated 2016 BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo, an Alpina-ified 550i with more of pretty much everything. As with most Alpina BMWs, the B5 starts life as a 2016 550i and gets a whole […]

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Report: The next BMW 1- and 2-Series should be front-wheel drive

BMW’s been known to be doing all sorts of things that contradict their original mission of being driver’s cars and “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” and the latest report from AutoBild further adds to the fiasco. More news has surfaced via the German automotive outlet to imply the next-generation 1-Series and 2-Series cars will be front-wheel drive, and […]

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Report: Is there a BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe on the way?

Enthusiast site, BMWBlog, reports Munich could be concocting a Gran Coupe version of the 2-Series, which means it’ll be a four-door coupe variant to the 2-Series, similarly to how the 4-Series Gran Coupe is a four-door coupe-like version of the 4-Series, or a less-practical 3-Series–depending on how you look at it. This news comes after BMW’s […]

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Report: BMW and Karma Automotive team up to produce hybrid and EV systems

Some big news hails in from BMW and the former smalltime luxury EV maker, Fisker, now renamed Karma Automotive, as the company just announced to have signed agreements with BMW, where BMW will supply automotive parts to Karma. The parts supply from BMW will allow Karma to build “high voltage battery charging systems and a […]

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Report: The BMW M1 could’ve remained in production with the help of Alpina

The BMW M1 is one of the Roundel’s most iconic models, but was extremely short-lived due to an unfavorable climate and story as to how the car came to be, leading to its demise in 1981. As the story has it, the BMW M1 was a cooperative project between the German automaker and Lamborghini, and […]

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Report: The odd rendering of an apparent BMW concept was just a research vehicle

Not too long ago, a photo rendering of what appeared to be a bastard child result of BMW i3 and a Toyota Mirai mating surfaced with rumors of it being a possible hydrogen-fuel cell concept from the Bavarian automaker. But BMW apparently went on the record with BMWBlog to say the model and rendering was just an experimental […]

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BMW to stay committed to diesel engines and passenger cars

Volkswagen’s recent Dieselgate scandal has everyone on their tippy-toes regarding the future of diesel-passenger cars. Though BMW’s CEO, Harald Kruger, said they’re not letting Volkswagen’s issue taint the reputation for diesel with their cars as BMW is to remain committed to offering diesel-powered cars, in a recent press conference. Kruger stated that BMW’s Efficient Dynamics […]

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2015 Strange BMW-like Patent Drawings

Photo Rendering: This oddball of a BMW design patent looks like an i3 and a Toyota Mirai had a baby

A Chinese outlet seems to have stumbled upon some concept patent drawings of what appears to be some sort of BMW concept. But in reality, it looks more like a BMW i3 and a Toyota Mirai mated and produced this. But then again, this makes sense since BMW and Toyota are currently collaborating on technology. The […]

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BMW announces plans for LA Auto Show, to debut eDrive 330e, M4 GTS, X1 and 7-Series for first time in North America

BMW announced their plans for this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show. For the first time in North America, they’ll be bringing the all-new eDrive 330e, a plug-in hybrid variant to the current 3-Series, sporting BMW’s TwinPower Turbo four mated to an electric motor, to provide a total output of 248hp and 310 lb-ft of […]

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2015 SEMA – BMW M2 Performance Parts (7)

2015 SEMA: The BMW M2 shows up to crash the party with the M2 and M Performance parts

BMW decided to surprise the spectators at the 2015 SEMA show this year with the all-new M2 sports coupe and some additional M Performance parts. Due to be available to be optioned on the M2 for those who choose, the parts consist of an list of accessories to improve the M2 in various ways. Though […]

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Bmw F30 M Black Floor Mats With Clip picture
Bmw F30 M Black Floor Mats With Clip
MagnaFlow California Converter 408005 Universal California Catalytic Converter picture
MagnaFlow California Converter 408005 Universal California Catalytic Converter
Engine Oil Filler Cap Gates 31100 picture
Engine Oil Filler Cap Gates 31100
MagnaFlow 49 State Converter 99305HM Catalytic Converter picture
MagnaFlow 49 State Converter 99305HM Catalytic Converter
01-06 BMW E46 M3 Front Right Passenger Brake Steering Knuckle Spindle Hub OEM picture
01-06 BMW E46 M3 Front Right Passenger Brake Steering Knuckle Spindle Hub OEM