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The new and first all-aluminum 2017 BMW 5-Series is here

BMW unveils the next-generation 5-Series sedan. What’s going on? BMW just unveiled the all-new, 2017 5-Series sedan for the world to see. Internally dubbed the G30, it comes with a whole list of changes. Hopefully, those changes will address the outgoing 5-Series’ less than spectacular driving experience. So what’s new? Everything. The G30 2017 BMW 5-Series […]

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2016 Paris Preview – BMW X2 Concept

2016 Paris Preview: The BMW X2 Concept previews Bavaria’s next entry-level crossover

The rumored BMW X2 finally comes to fruition as a concept to preview a near-completed, new production crossover from Munich. BMW utilized the spotlight of the 2016 Paris Auto Show to introduce a new concept to preview a new entry-level crossover. It’s called the BMW X2 Concept and as you probably guessed by now, the […]

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Report: Leaked order guide of 2017 BMW 5-Series indicates more semi-autonomous driving tech

The guide for the 2017 BMW 5-Series also shares info about engines. A newly leaked order guide of the 2017 BMW 5-Series surfaced on BMW enthusiast forum, Bimmerpost. According to the guide, Automobile reports that the 2017 BMW 5-Series will come with more semi-autonomous driving technology. The suite is supposedly called the Driver Assistance Plus II package […]

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Spy Shots: The next BMW M5 gets caught in camo in the desert

The current fifth generation “F10” BMW M5 is nearing six years old, which means we’d be ideally expecting a new car within the next couple years. That said, it should be no surprise that some spy shots are beginning to surface of some M5 test mules. But in another surprise, the test mule spotted doesn’t exactly […]

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Report: The BMW Z4 subtly goes off into the sunset, ends production

Remember the BMW Z4? So do we, but if you’re thinking, “barely,” you’re not alone. The current generation BMW Z4 is hardly remarkable, despite its suave looks. The Z4 simply is a case of, it looks better than it drives. Because the current E89 Z4 isn’t the greatest thing in luxury sports roadsters, especially when the […]

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Video: MotorTrend pins the 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class against the BMW 7-Series in Head2Head

The arch rivalry between the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class is like Nikon versus Canon, Apple versus Microsoft, Boeing versus Airbus. The two Teutonic titans have a long-vetted history of clashing and duking it out in a fierce battles ever since both automakers made full-size luxury sedans. The latest Head2Head video from MotorTrend continues this battle to see which […]

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2016 – Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 Restored

Gaze at the glory of Elvis Presley’s restored BMW 507 Roadster, heads to Pebble Beach

Elvis Presley might be known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” but he is also known for being a really avid car enthusiast and an individual who wouldn’t be seen in anything less than a fancy Cadillac or Ford. It’s why you think of him when someone mentions a “pink Cadillac.” While his ownership history […]

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2017 BMW ’30 Jahre M3′

The 2017 BMW M3 “30 Jahre M3” marks the 30th anniversary of the famed model

In addition to celebrating their first centennial, BMW is also celebrating 30 years of one of their most iconic, if not the most iconic models, ever produced: the BMW M3. Click here for more news on the BMW M3. The M3 was first launched in 1986 as a homologation requirement for World, European, and German […]

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Report: Future high-performance Jaguars could be powered by BMW

Jaguar has made some pretty formidable powerplants, from one of history’s most renowned straight-sixes, to their current high-performance and rev-happy V8s. They even power all V8 Land Rovers and have been since the Range Rover stopped using a BMW V8 in 2005. But it seems the age of Jaguar engines is coming to an end […]

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Report: Toyota reportedly confirms hybrid turbo mill for next Supra

There’s a lot of hype hovering around the next-generation Toyota Supra, a supposed revival of the famed midsize coupe, thanks to a joint venture with BMW. But really, all it is just a lot of hype piled on top of hype, to make one big dog pile of hype. And more hype has been posted […]

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