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2014 Beijing: Bentley reveals their first ever Hybrid Concept in Beijing

Just as we walk out of the New York International Auto Show Press Days, China walks into their Beijing Auto Show. And to kick off one of the main debuts at this year’s festivities, Bentley revealed their first ever Hybrid Concept that looks nearly production ready, being based off of a Mulsanne. It is of […]

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2014 Beijing: Mercedes-Benz finally responds to the BMW X6 with the Concept Coupe SUV

As if we couldn’t get enough of this niche-filling, Mercedes-Benz seems to finally have stepped up to the plate in response to BMW’s rather successful SAV known as the X6. The result is the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV, which is the Silver Arrow’s interpretation of a lifted and sporty four-door coupe for the affluent […]

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Volkswagen Midsize Coupe Concept Interior

2014 Beijing: Volkswagen introduces Midsize Coupe Concept in Bejing

Volkswagen may be one of the laziest automakers when it comes to naming their concepts and styling cars such as the Passat and the Jetta, but they seem to have put a great amount of effort in designing this car. While they falsely advertise the concept car above as a four door coupe, Volkswagen aren’t […]

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2014 NYIAS: 2015 Infiniti QX80 offers a welcome refresh to the QX56

Though some accounts of the QX56′s initial launch may have included terms such as “troll” or “beached whale”, Infiniti has worked very hard to upgrade their flagship SUV to competitors’ standards. Though it’s never been a bad place to sit, the upgraded Nissan’s lines have been softened, color choices have been given an upgrade, and, […]

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2014 NYIAS: Infiniti Q70 and Q70L offer significant revisions over the M sedan

Though the 3.7 liter 330 bhp V6 is the same, the 5.6 liter 420 bhp V8 is the same and the 302 bhp gas V6 and 67 bhp electric motor hybrid combo are all carryovers from the old car, there’s much to talk about with the mid cycle refresh for Infiniti’s M sedan. 70 is […]

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2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i

2014 NYIAS: The 2015 Subaru Outback gives up its manual transmission

Gaining just a couple cubic feet of space over the old model, the 2015 redesign promises to maintain the appeal and increase the convenience over previous generations. Gone is the manual transmission, and gone is the lack of driver aids; though ground clearance is still 8.7 inches, the new Outback gets a special X mode […]

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2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Edition

2014 NYIAS: 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition

What it is: a slightly more exclusive 2015 Mustang GT Fastback with the performance pack. Why does it matter? 1,964 (referencing the 1964 World’s Fair debut of the Mustang) examples will be built, for those interested in an investment in American motoring heritage, it does not get much more iconic than this. In a move […]

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2015 Subaru Rallycross STI

2014 NYIAS: 2015 Subaru Rallycross STI is an excellent 600 horsepower letdown

Though we were hoping for more, we’ll settle for this: the indication that Subaru is rally crossing in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship this year. So even though this is not the special edition STI variant we had hoped for, it’s worth a look. Speaking of which the car is festooned with a special […]

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2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe

2014 NYIAS: 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe – Heir to the CL Class and SEC throne

Call it what you like, but this long wheelbase coupe sold alongside Mercedes’ flagship S-Class sedan appears to be a sublime mix of luxury and overtaking power. With 585 horsepower and 663 ft-lbs of torque, a 5.5 liter twin turbo V8 is fettered by 143 fewer pounds than in the CL 65 that it replaces […]

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2014 NYIAS: BMW showcases the new production 2015 X4

BMW seems to have answered a question that nobody really asked and the result of this answer is the 2015 X4 crossover, which is in essence, a mini-me X6. The X4 slots under the X5 yet above the X3 as a more stylizes “Sports Activity Vehicle.” It is based on the 4-Series and thus the […]

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