The Ford F-150 base engine gets an upgrade

Also, the off-road Expedition FX4 gains (ironic) running boards. The Ford F-150 gets dual injection.

Sharing numerous parts with the Ford Expedition, the Ford F-150 now comes with five gas engine choices, with a diesel option less than a year away. A 400 hp version of the V6 is available for the Expedition Platinum. The High Output 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 in the Ford F-150 Raptor remains at 450 hp and 510 ft-lbs of torque.Both trucks share the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6, which will continue to churn out 375 hp and 470 ft-lbs of torque. This option will be fitted to the XL, XLT, and FX4 (a new off-road package for the XLT) variants of the 4th-generation Expedition. Speaking of which, the Expedition FX4 comes with supplemental readouts for steering angle, power distribution, and tilt.

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The F-150’s base engine gets a boost in power and engine technology

The similarities end there: the 2018 F-150’s base engine will be a 3.3 liter V6 gets a modest bump in power over the old unit, but also gets a dual-injection system. Low to moderate power demands will be handled by a traditional port fuel injection system while high demands will be primarily handled by direct injection. Ford alleges that this powertrain will be segment exclusive when it comes coupled with a new 10-speed automatic next year. Dual injection technology itself isn’t new, but automakers have been relatively slow to adopt it for volume sellers until now. What is the purpose of this reorganization? Fuel economy and therefore decreased fleet emissions across the board. For more information, check out the press release.

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