Toyota reveals new Prius One, making it the cheapest standard Prius available

Toyota originally started the latest Prius with the “Two” trim. Now, a “One” trim starts the lineup.

What’s going on?

It seems the hybrid wars are getting a bit of a boost. The once stalwart of the hybrid world, the Toyota Prius, has since seen competition from Hyundai with the Ioniq Hybird and the Kia Niro. To try and maintain its edge, Toyota just introduced a new entry-level variant to the standard Prius. It’s called the Prius “One,” and it rids any confusion as to why the Prius trim levels started at “Two.”

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Nonetheless, for those with OCD, it’s ok, you can relax now.

What’s new about the Prius “One?”

For one thing…no pun intended…the Prius One is the cheapest standard five-door Prius available. The Prius Two still starts at around $25,570. But now, buyers have another option to save some monies with the Prius One, which starts at $24,360. That makes out to be $1,210 in savings.

So what disappears as a result of the reduction in price? You get a Prius with no spare tire, rear windscreen wiper, or seatback pockets. Talk about a total loss…./sarcasm.

But value remains to be a hallmark for the Priu as Toyota’s Safety Sense P suite is still standard. That includes adaptive cruise control, pre-collision warning and assist, lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist, and automatic high-beams. That’s quite the standard list of technology for a basic fuel-saving Prius.

If this entices you, they’re now available at your local dealer.

– By: Chris Chin

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