Report: Mercedes-AMG is developing a new line of performance EVs and hybrids

The instant power delivery of electric motors should find themselves at home in Mercedes-AMG models known for power.

What’s going on?

More electrification!

“Oh jeeze, this really is the end of the internal combustion engine, ain’t it,” you might think. That seems true for the beloved Mercedes-AMG brand as Automobile reports Mercedes-Benz’s performance division seeks to shift its focus to electrification and hybridization.

Despite what seems like the end of the EPA, automakers still insist on moving forward towards EVs and hybrids to continue reducing its carbon footprint.

What can we expect from this new push?

According to the article, AMG plans to develop new high-voltage batteries, fast charging, and stronger motors, all with performance and efficiency in mind. From that, a total of four performance electric vehicles will join the AMG lineup. We can expect some models to sport as much as 612 instant horsepower from two motors powering all four wheels. Juice should be supplied by a 105-kWh battery.

When should we expect some electrified AMG awesomeness?

Probably sometime around 2020 to 2022. Two will be sedans while the remaining two will take form as crossovers.

On top of the complex power- and drivetrain technology, other features such as rear-wheel steering and uniquely tuned Airmatic dynamic suspension should be included.

What about the hybrid front?

All is not lost with the internal combustion engine just yet. Since AMG is all about power, its hard to deny that there will be many customers still longing for that classic AMG V8 burble.

What’s in store for the hybrids? Details are sparse, but more plug-in hybrids will arrive in the future both in Mercedes-Benz’s and Mercedes-AMG’s future.

Hints and rumors imply Mercedes will utilize the technology developed on earlier hybrid models. On those models, Mercedes mounted the electric motors into the transmission housing, assisting the cog swapper with power. This is a more ideal hybrid system overall since the car can still use a traditional transmission rather than the off-putting CVT that other hybrids use.

Other plug-in hybrid cars could include an electric rear-drive system with a separate power pack for front-wheel drive models.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automobile

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