Report: Could a new Toyota MR2 be on the horizon?

Following the media frenzy of the 2017 Geneva Auto Show, rumors suggests some new Toyota sports cars are on the way.

What’s going on?

A new report from EVO suggests Toyota could be furthering the process of reuniting with its past of making affordable sports cars. Toyota delivered pretty well to the enthusiasts with the 86 sports coupe–those complaining about lack of power notwithstanding.

But now, the new report says Toyota’s planning two additional sports models, one of which might signal the return of the MR2. Yup, you read that correctly.

Please, say it is so…

I wish I could, but there’s no genuine and real confirmation from Toyota quite yet. But EVO did manage to speak with CEO Tetsuya Tada, who hinted at the prospect. He first recognized the 86 and the obvious collaboration with BMW, summoning the return of the Supra. Then, Tada ambiguously admitted that a third model will join the lineup, resulting in a total of three sports cars. By the time the lineup is fulfilled, a new generation 86 will have arrived.

To many, the hints Tada shared suggests a new MR2 is on the way considering Toyota’s past lineup of sports cars that led itself to recognition by enthusiasts.

Originally, Toyota’s sports car lineup consisted of the flagship Supra. Then, you had the mid-engined MR2. And at the entry-level, you had the lovely Celica.

We already know a Supra is on the way. So gap filled. The current and next-gen 86 serves the purpose of the Celica. Gap number two, filled. What does that leave? The MR2.

It’s not all just the talk of the town…

For those of you already skeptical and thinking: this is Toyota folks, there’s no way the maker of the Camry and the Corolla will do this when people don’t care about cars yada yada yada yada yada….

But you see, this is false. Subcompact sports cars with low horsepower, but excellent chassis and handling dynamics are becoming increasingly popular. Or, at least demand is strong enough for Honda to make an all-new one–the S660.

The MR2 would technically be a step above the S660. But Honda is already rumored to be working on reviving the S2000. So the Japanese affordable sports car wars are back.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: EVO

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