2017 Geneva Preview: Meet the fastest and most powerful front-engined Ferrari ever, the 812 Superfast

Yes, it’s actually named the Ferrari 812 Superfast and hardly needs explanation.

What’s going on?

Ferrari’s flagship GT V12 sports coupe is getting its replacement. What was once the F12 Berlinetta now becomes the 812 Superfast, the fastest, most powerful Ferrari ever built. Like the F12, the 812 continues the big-bodied, V12-powered grand tourer recipe with rear wheel drive. Further more, the V12 avoids the use of forced induction, meaning it’s naturally aspirated.

The use of forced induction, such as turbocharging on the latest 488 GTO, has purists disappointed. Although Ferrari used turbocharging in the past, they largely relied on naturally-aspirated engines to complete the experience. Thus, the 812 Superfast is a bit of a refresh when measured against the automaker’s recent influx of turbocharged models.

So, how fast is it?


2017 Geneva Preview - Ferrari 812 Superfast

2017 Geneva Preview - Ferrari 812 Superfast

Well, to get straight to the point, the 812 Superfast sports the same F12Tdf’s 6.3L V12. But it’s been reworked to serve up 789 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque. To compare, the outgoing F12Tdf made 769hp and 520 lb-ft of twist. That means the 812 makes the same amount of power as the LaFerrari. Except, the 812 Superfast doesn’t utilize an additional electric motor like the LaFerrari, making the 812’s V12 the most powerful production Ferrari engine ever. A newly revised in-house seven-speed dual-clutch transmission featuring revised gearing channels the power to the rear wheels.

The result is a 0-62 time of just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 211 miles per hour. On paper, it’s clear the 812 will live up to its name.

Why didn’t they call it something more interesting, like Superfast in Italian?

That’s a bit of a problem because Lamborghini already has that covered, with the Aventador SV, or Superveloce, which is what Superfast is in Italian.

What else is new about it?

2017 Geneva Preview - Ferrari 812 Superfast

Here’s where some of the new stuff gets questionable. Ferrari announced that the 812 Superfast is the first model to undergo a switch over to electric-assisted power steering, versus the previous dependency on old-fashioned hydraulics. Like the changeover to turbocharging, the use of electric power steering worries purists. EPS systems still struggle to compare well to hydraulic-assist in performance applications in terms of feel and natural progression. With the 812, there’s a risk the steering could have less feel, less natural progression and weighting, and a less-accurate on-center tactility.

And like the F12Tdf, the 812 comes with Ferrari’s latest Virtual Short Wheelbase four-wheel steering.

Deep down, you can tell the 812 Superfast is technically a heavily revised F12Tdf as structurally, the car shares the same overall shape and key design cues. To compliment the new looks, extra power, and new name, the interior gets a complete makeover as well.

When will it come out?

The new Ferrari 812 Superfast is scheduled to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. It also marks Ferrari’s 70th year in existence.


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– By: Chris Chin


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