2016 Paris Preview: The BMW X2 Concept previews Bavaria’s next entry-level crossover

The rumored BMW X2 finally comes to fruition as a concept to preview a near-completed, new production crossover from Munich.

BMW utilized the spotlight of the 2016 Paris Auto Show to introduce a new concept to preview a new entry-level crossover. It’s called the BMW X2 Concept and as you probably guessed by now, the car provides us with a solid idea of what to expect for the company’s long-time rumored entry-level crossover.

So, let’s get down to business.

What is it?

It is a crossover SUV concept that follows BMW’s “coupe-ifying” trend. For instance, you have the X6, which is supposed to be a “coupe” version of the X5. Then there’s the fairly new X4, basically a shrunken down version of the BMW X6, or a “coupe” version of the BMW X3, depending how you look at it. Lastly, you have the X1 at the bottom of the pack. The X2 Concept basically coupe-ifies the X1, or is a shrunken down version of the X4.

What is there to notably know about it?

Consider this. BMW’s coupe-like crossovers are a bit of a paradoxical conundrum. You see, BMW has the X4 and the X6 taking on more stylistic roles than their more upright and utilitarian X3 and X5 siblings. The compromise however is a reduction in practicality thanks to shortened rooflines that compromise rear trunk space. To top it all off, the X4 and X6 are more expensive.

You’d think it would cost less because you get less space. But no, the X4 and the X6 are designed for those who are more stylistically inclined and prefer a high-riding shooting brake instead of the more upright, utilitarian X3 or X5.

The X2 sort of breaks this formula by actually resembling a more traditional crossover with trunk space. There’s no compromised rear roofline, but instead, the roof in general is more raked than the X1. Overall, it’s not a bad looking thing.

What powers it?

BMW didn’t specify what powers the X2 Concept. However, speculation points to a similar engine lineup the current X1. BMW transitioned the X1 to utilize the company’s front-wheel drive UKL platform. That’s the same platform serving duty for the entire MINI lineup.

The X2 is destined to also use the UKL platform so yes, that means front-wheel drive is in order for the production X2. Expect the same line of transverse-mounted turbocharged gasoline and diesel inline-fours in Europe. We’re most likely going to get the gas versions with the possible choice of a diesel option.

When will it go on sale?

BMW too withheld the specifics as to when we should expect the X2 in production form. Speculation points to a timeframe of within the next year or two.

The head honchos at Munich did say the X2 Concept closely resembles the intended production model. So we can’t imagine too much needing to be done to finalize the car for sale.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BMW

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