Report: The BMW Z4 subtly goes off into the sunset, ends production

Remember the BMW Z4? So do we, but if you’re thinking, “barely,” you’re not alone. The current generation BMW Z4 is hardly remarkable, despite its suave looks. The Z4 simply is a case of, it looks better than it drives.

Because the current E89 Z4 isn’t the greatest thing in luxury sports roadsters, especially when the Porsche Boxster is a far easier choice, its low popularity explains why BMW didn’t send it off into the sunset with a big celebration. Instead, BMW quietly ended production for the Z4 and nobody seems to have batted an eye.

Part of the reason why nobody gives a darn is attributed to BMW and Toyota’s latest collaboration, which is expected to produce a midsize sports coupe hyped up to be the second coming of the Toyota Supra. This initial project immediately received instant recognition upon announcement to become one of the most highly-anticipated future vehicle releases of the new millennium. Because of the added hype, BMW and Toyota added added potential for a Z4 successor to be spawned off of this project, further overshadowing any potential the outgoing Z4 ever had.

The successor, rumored to be named the Z5, is projected to arrive in showrooms as 2018 model, meaning an introduction in 2017 is very plausible.

As for the Z4, only 115,000 in total were sold through the car’s seven-year production run. Seven years, which is a very long time in car generations. Usually a car is kept around that long because it’s successful, but the E89 Z4 hardly was. It just seemed like BMW totally forgot about the Z4 themselves and simply didn’t care about it enough to make it worthwhile.

Let’s hope the story changes with the new Z5.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: (if you know German or know how to use Google Translate) via AutoGuide

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  • Tristram_Buckley

    The Z4, particularly in the twin turbo manual gearbox configuration, will be a future collector’s car. Its looks are far more stunning and graceful than the Boxster or SLK, both exterior and interior. The Z4 got a bad rap for its harsh ride. But change out the awful runflats and install a set of Continental ContiSports (245/19″ front and 275/19″ rear) and the car rides as smoothly as a Mercedes SL and has a 300 horsepower turbine smooth six and a manual gear box. Thanks to the twin turbos just add a turbo boosting chiptune and you’ve got a car making nearly 400 hp that will smoke a lot of cars. I’ve driven one of these hard on Mulholland drive and with these tires and the M sport suspension option the car stays planted like its on rails! The retractable hardtop gives convenience and security the Boxster will never know. When you think most of the Z4s were not the twin turbo six and very few of those twin turbo six cylinder motors were six speed manual gearboxes you realize there are very few twin turbo six cylinder manual gearbox Z4s with a hardtop ever made. Also, the Z3 and prior generation Z4 were made in the USA while this final generation BMW Z4 is actually produced in the Germany. BMW has already said the next generation car will be bigger and will not have a retractable hardtop.