Ford introduces FordPass, a new application to help users find and prepay for parking w/ video

As strip malls, city centers, and town squares become more crowded, the amount of parking space availability declines in response. To help drivers find a safe garage space during the quick pops to the shops, the Dearborn automaker plans to launch a new smartphone application, allowing spots to be reserved at participating garages.

It’s called FordPass and it’s best to think of it as a Ford-branded application version of the website, That site allows you to reserve spots at parking garages in the area of your destination and offers up-to-date coupons for discounted rates. You can even inform the garage when you plan to arrive and depart to make sure you get charged the right amount.

There’s also a similar app called ParkMe, which is a prepay service for garages available in over 4,200 cities. ParkMe even keeps tabs on street spots and can even provide directions to your destination spot.

With FordPass, you can pretty much do the same thing with garages partnered up with the automaker in over 160 US cities. And you don’t even have to own a Ford vehicle to reap the benefits.

So why now for Ford? Chances are, the Dearborn automaker wants to continue marketing the brand by introducing the Ford name for some recognition in the realm of innovating and finding practical solutions for car owners. The FordPass app will synchronize with the company’s suite of apps for its SYNC 3 infotainment and connectivity universe.


Press Release

2016 - FordPass Press Release

– By: Chris Chin



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