Report: Jaguar apparently ditches any sports car efforts for EVs

Some strange and rather surprising news comes in from Jaguar via Automobile Magazine, where the outlet learned that the Coventry-based automaker is said to be ditching any future plans to build high-performance or sports cars, including no XK coupe or convertible replacement and production C-X75.

Sad news is sad…

According to the news bit, Jaguar instead wants to shift their focus from building sports cars to EVs, to better compete with the Germans and the Japanese, and particularly Tesla Motors.

This new trajectory is surprising because Jaguar-Land Rover just established their Special Vehicle Operations division, a move thought to allow Jaguar to better compete with BMW’s M, Audi’s S, and Mercedes-AMG. After spending all that money to create a new branch, they’re going to go against their own grain and focus on EVs.

These new EV plans consist of two new electric vehicles, a replacement for the XJ and an all-new top-spec SUV.

The XJ replacement will double as a competitor to the Tesla Model S, while the new EV SUV, codenamed the X590, should be a blend between Jaguar’s new F-Pace and a Land Rover. Both will feature new autonomous driving capabilities.

The unnamed source also said both cars wil be offered with rear-wheel drive, while the SUV should come with an option for all-wheel drive, augmented by the use of two electric motors, one at each axle.

Like Tesla, pricing should vary, depending on which of the three battery pack choices you choose, which affect driving range and overall performance.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automobile

Chris Chin

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