Rumormill: A BMW pickup might actually be in the works to compete with Mercedes

Not too long ago, some pretty odd news came from the neighborhood of Mercedes-Benz, who reported is currently developing a new pickup truck for various markets. This is allegedly part of Daimler’s and Renault-Nissan’s alliance with the inclusion of the Infiniti brand, where the Mercedes pickup is said to be based off of the latest Nissan Navarra.

Australia’s¬†Motoring¬†supposedly heard that BMW might be stepping up its game to match Mercedes’ move, by producing their own pickup truck.

The outlet had a sit-down with BMW Australia’s Managing Director, Marc Werner, who hinted that the idea is not at all that far-fetched.

“Never say never,” Werner commented. “We’re watching the space closely.”

It also only makes sense that BMW would match Mercedes’ move with the pickup entry–the two have been arch rivals ever since they both started making cars.

Werner also admitted that Mercedes has a bit of an advantage since they also build trucks as well, so they have the knowledge to know what it takes. Also, they’re getting help from the Nissan Navarra.

BMW on the other hand doesn’t have a partner for their pickup idea. Given that they have an agreement with Toyota however with their anticipated midsize sports coupe, it’s possible that BMW could find a way to utilize tech from the Toyota Hilux, or even the Tacoma.

Who would’ve ever thought BMW would make a pickup truck?

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motoring

Chris Chin

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