Report: Aston Martin’s desired Lagonda sedan and DBX crossover should arrive in 2019

Aston Martin’s known for many things, primarily high-end luxury sports and GT cars to be exact, with a sedan or two in there as well. One thing they’re certainly not known for is the crossover SUV. But because crossover SUVs are hot, even in the ultra-luxurious echelon, where Bentley recently introduced the Bentayga and Maserati created the Levante, Aston Martin decided to change that for the first time in their history with their latest product line offensive.

According to Motor1, Aston Martin plans to expand its lineup beyond the company’s initial core sports car models. From that, we can expect a production DBX crossover and a finalized Lagonda sedan for the masses, one that’s sold to the public rather than a few overly-privileged Sheikhs.

Due sometime in 2019, the new DBX crossover is expected to ring in some extra money for the automaker since CEO Andy Palmer is on tangent to make Aston into a profitable business.

On top of the crossover however, Aston also supposedly plans to launch a new Lagonda model after the last one was criticized for being made available to select customers in the Middle East. The introduction of both will help Aston boost their profits and volume for greater long-term sustainability.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motor1

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