This is what happens in 2016 when Aston Martin and Red Bull come together to make a car

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing decided to team up to build an all-new hypercar, in all likeliness to succeed the drop-dead gorgeous One-77.

But unlike the One-77, which was front-engined, rear-wheel drive, this new car is mid-engined.

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So say hello to the AM-RB 001, and yes, as you guessed, that stands for Aston Martin-Red Bull. I would’ve hoped for a more exciting title, but I guess everyone’s obsessed with naming things after part numbers.

With a plan to only reproduce between 99-150 examples of the AM-RB 001, plus 25 track-only versions, this is the creme of the crop for the Gaydon-based automaker.

Designed entirely with aerodynamics in mind, the car’s body comes as a result of the two entities coming together to cooperatively work on a car with performance as the only goal in mind, in Aston Martin fashion.

That of course means lots of power, about 820hp to be exact, from the same 7.0L V12 as the Aston Martin Vulcan, only it sits between the passenger cell and the rear axle. Low weight is also an obvious consideration, with the entire car tipping the scales at just 1,808lbs. So it’s a super feather weight.

Factoids would also point out that it also makes for an insane power to weight ratio.

The car isn’t exactly finished yet however, as it still has yet to actually perform because Red Bull Advanced Technologies is currently still developing a transmission for the car.

So more to come, soon.

– By: Chris Chin

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