Video: Watch the McLaren P1 LM haul ass at Goodwood, taking title as fastest road-legal car at hill climb

The Goodwood Festival of Speed happened recently, and it’s a worldly celebration for society’s love for speed, going fast, and as Jeremy Clarkson would say, “POWERRRRRR.”

So it’s no surprise that some accolades for speed and performance are held to a standard here, specifically Goodwood’s Hill Climb stage, which is a bar of performance similar to Pikes Peak, or even a lapped time of the Nurburgring.

That said, every year, Goodwood holds their Hill Climb stage to see who can make it up the 1.16 mile course with the fastest time. So who did it this year? McLaren of course, with a P1 LM!

Driver Kenny Bräck piloted a new P1 LM up Goodwood, clocking in a mind-blowing time of 47.07 seconds, making it the fastest road-legal car to complete Goodwood. The P1 LM however is not the fastest at Goodwood in this year’s Supercar Shootout, and competitors didn’t make it easy at this year’s festival. But even against a race-prepped Toyota Tundra and a McLaren-Chevrolet M8F Can-Am racer, the P1 LM smashed the second and third placers with its time of 47.07 seconds. The Tundra came in second at 50.44 and the Can-Am racer clocked in at 51.34 seconds.

As a refresher, the P1 LM basically converts the race-bred P1 GTR into a street legal, road-going vehicle, similarly to the McLaren F1. However, the P1 GTR’s 986hp 3.8L twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain. Weight is reduced from the normal P1 by 132lbs.

Watch the P1 LM storm up Goodwood below.


– By: Chris Chin

Source: Goodwood

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