BREAKING: Top Gear USA apparently sentenced to an immediate death

It really seems like the Top Gear brand, not just Top Gear UK, are going belly-up. Rutledge Wood just shared a detailed post on his official Facebook page to say that Top Gear on History is “done for the immediate future on History,” and that the episode scheduled to be released on Tuesday will be the last one…ever.

Now, for some, particularly the haters of Top Gear USA, this might sound like music to your ears. But truth be told, it is kinda’ sad that Top Gear USA really never had a chance. When it was first introduced as a spin-off to the original UK version, the USA version was already predisposed to hate and dislike since everyone knew it was hard to top (no pun intended) the UK trio.

But over time, Top Gear USA slowly proved itself to be another decent car show to watch on US cable television, especially since there wasn’t much to begin with. After over six years of runtime however, there simply was not much left for the show to give the networks, and thus, the┬áplug on the project was pulled.

Rutledge Wood Top Gear USA Cancellation post 2016

Despite having a perpetual uphill battle to tackle, Top Gear USA admittedly fared decently well when compared to its competition, especially after Top Gear UK’s program was cancelled due to Jeremy Clarkson’s “fracas.” The lack of Top Gear UK funneled some extra viewers to the USA version, but it certainly wasn’t enough.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future and what this means for the Top Gear USA brand as a whole, despite the fact that the actual show and product of the brand has been discontinued. Nor are there any indications as to whether or not hosts Rutledge Wood, Adam Ferrara, and Tanner Foust will embark on another endeavor together.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Rutledge Wood’s Facebook┬ávia Road&Track

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