Report: The next-gen Dodge Journey could defy all odds and go RWD

The Dodge Journey has been one of Dodge’s more popular crossover models, but it’s been showing its age greatly recently as it passes the eight-year-old mark, after commencing production in 2008.

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That said, a replacement is certainly due and thus, some news is surfacing from¬†AutomotiveNews, to suggest the new Dodge Journey could defy all odds by moving to rear-wheel drive. This would defy all odds because crossovers are very popular, and part of the reason they’re so popular is because they are front-wheel drive, which is perceived to be much safer in the inclement of weather. Front-wheel drive construction also helps designers optimize a vehicle’s interior space and packaging, while also allowing for all-wheel drive constructions as well.

So ultimately, front-wheel drive crossovers are strongly favored. But FCA wants to be different as the corporation seeks to rebrand Dodge once more. The reason: Dodge wants to bolster their reputation for building muscle cars, and the result here would be a “muscle car crossover.”

That sounds like fun.

The Dodge Journey’s move to rear-wheel drive is also supported by FCA’s recent decision to exclude a reboot of the Dodge Caravan, following the reveal of the recently new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, the replacement Dodge Caravan-based luxurified cousin, the Chrysler Town & Country. ¬†This is because the Caravan and the Journey’s previous coexistence led to too much product overlap, so moving the Journey to rear-wheel drive for more enthusiast-biased aim would basically take the Caravan’s place, while forcing prospective minivan customers to the more practical Chrysler Pacifica.

Nonetheless, it sounds like Dodge might have some exciting things in store for the next Dodge Journey, which is said to be at least two years away with the current model being extended through the 2018 model year.

We also like the sound of rear-wheel drive, HEMI-powered Journey for the next generation, leaving us with some hope for even a SRT version. Keep your fingers crossed.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews via AllPar

Chris Chin

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