Report: The BMW 3-Series wagon could be excluded from the next-generation for the US

At first, it seemed like the demand for wagons was beginning to get a little of an upheave following the reveal of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon and the confirmation of its inclusion in the US market. Volvo also still gives the V6 and other wagons can be had from Audi and Subaru.

While Mercedes upped their wagon offering with the next-gen E-Class Wagon, BMW seems to want to back out of their only wagon offering, according to enthusiast site BimmerFile. The outlet believes BMW will axe the 3-Series wagon from the US lineup, to focus their sales efforts on the X1 and X3 crossovers.

Ever since BMW decided to kill the 5-Series for the US after the last “E60” generation, the 3-Series was the remaining long-roof available in the lineup. Should this report to hold true, the only options would be to resort to either one of the X crossovers, or to invest in the “Gran Turismo” versions of the 3-Series or 5-Series, both of which are more hideous than a monkey’s ass. That said, it beats me as well as to why the Gran Turismo will stick around, and the far better-looking wagons get excluded.

Again, nothing is set in stone and no official confirmation has been made. Though, BMW only introduced the 3-Series Sport Wagon in the states as the F31 just a few years ago and it’s expected to stick around until June 2019, which is when production is scheduled to cease.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BimmerFile

Chris Chin

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