Report: A Chinese manufacturer gets sued again for copying another car, surprise surprise

The ever-lasting battle between Chinese automakers, who don’t have a sense, or even legislation, that outlines copyright protection and the security of intellectual knowledge, continues to rage on as Jaguar-Land Rover just reportedly filed a counterfeit lawsuit against Jiangling Motors, the ones who are responsible for the Range Rover Evoque look-a-like, the Land Wind X7.

And really, it’s hard to deny that the similarities are uncanny–it literally is a knock-off of the Range Rover Evoque.

This really doesn’t seem like anything new as the Chinese have a notorious history of knocking off high-end products. But there’s something different with this lawsuit involving Jaguar-Land Rover and Jiangling Motors. That’s because this suit has the potential to set the first precedent for regulation involving international intellectual property rights.

Up until now, China has been able to get away with knocking off and copying designs of cars, almost to the “t”, but with Jaguar-Land Rover suing, this is the first time a Chinese company is feeling pressure from a foreign lawsuit.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: EINewsDesk via JaguarForums


Chris Chin

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