Report: Toyota files trademark for “Supra” name in Europe and everyone’s going nuts over it

Ok, so the idea and prospect of BMW and Toyota working together on a “midsize” sports coupe a la successor to the Toyota Supra isn’t news. It’s been lurking in the shadows for years and so it really isn’t news. But for some reason, everyone’s going apeshit over a new trademark filing submitted in Europe for the “Supra” nameplate.

As mentioned before, this new “Supra” successor isn’t news, especially when both BMW and Toyota officially confirmed to be making a new midsize sports coupe, which the original Supra was. They even made a concept called the FT-1 and since then, we’ve been hoping it’d make it into production. But since then, BMW and Toyota have both remained quiet about what’s next and any news afterwards has just been the regurgitation of what we already know: it will be midsize, have a BMW-sourced 3.0L turbocharged inline-six, and will have rear-wheel drive.

The Supra trademark filing shouldn’t also be big news, as trademarks are filed all the time for the sake of reserving names before someone else takes it. It’s only to protect the potential future use of a name. Automakers file trademarks all the time just as a preemptive move and are rarely acted upon, leading to false beliefs that future models could be on the way.

Obviously, this is not the case with BMW-Toyota’s new baby, as it’s definitely on the way. It’s another debate however as to whether or not it will actually receive the new Supra nameplate when it gets launched.

The filing was registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Iceland.

– By: Chris Chin



Chris Chin

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