Report: BMW i doesn’t want to do EVs any more, wants to shift focus to autonomous driving

It seems BMW i’s mission to produce more EVs and hybrids isn’t exactly going well, so BMW i instead will be shifting their focus toward autonomous driving technology, according to Reuters, who heard from BMW’s board member, Klaus Froehlich.

Could this mean the EV and hybrid wars are slowing? You know, because EVs, although great in theory, still have significant practicality hurtles and the environmental benefits aren’t exactly leveraged well with the extra damage done from producing these complex automobiles. In other words, despite hybrids and EVs treating the end-user decently well, in the bigger picture, they do as much damage, if not more to the environment, from their manufacturing process, like mining the precious metals to make the batteries. But this is a more comprehensive discussion for another day.

According to Froehlich, the plan was altered in April in some company meetings and now, Munich is beginning to ramp up efforts to make things happen.

He didn’t say when we could expect any fully- or semi-autonomous BMWs, but he did hint that BMW could be teaming up with Lyft and Uber to provide autonomous ride-hailing programs.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Reuters

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BMW engine  picture
BMW engine
BMW E36 Z3 318i M44 1.9L Cylinder Head  Resurfaced 96 97 98 picture
BMW E36 Z3 318i M44 1.9L Cylinder Head Resurfaced 96 97 98
BMW M1 ORIGINAL OEM Wheel set picture
2006 BMW 650i Convertible -- Low Miles, Black on Black picture
2006 BMW 650i Convertible -- Low Miles, Black on Black

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  • willid3

    hm, are EV more complex than ICV? after all there are more parts in a ICV than an EV. there are also lots more environmental damage, after all, you dont have to have oil pipelines to fuel power plants, most in the US today are either natural gas or coal, with the latter loosing out mosty on cost more than any thing else . and its not like the power plants didnt exist before EV started being built recently. now we can look at the end of life environment costs of both. an EV has a battery that needs to be recycled or disposed of right? but the other parts of the vehicle are pretty similar, with a few exceptions to an ICV. an IVC has battery too, only its battery tends to be of the lead variety. so it also needs special handling. plus its has the engine and other parts that tend to have corrosive chemicals in them that need to be dealt with.

    course now in the manufacturing cycle, the EV has a different battery chemistry than the IVC , its lithium vs lead. and i suspect we all have head how lead is hazardous right (Flint MI any one?). now lithium probably has its own issues. but for the most part only the source of power is different. in a hybrid (which i am guessing is what the writer was thinking of) you have 2 different power plants, and the additional complexity of coordinating them. but thats not the same as comparing an EV and an ICV

  • willid3

    and of course we cant forget the mining part of the environment ‘damage’. you have lithium for EV. and for ICV, you have drilling for oil. now i havent heard a lot of what the damage from lithium mining is, but we do hear a lot about the problems with drilling for oil. guessing that both have some sort of search (exploration) for the minerals. after the digging or drill into the ground (or ocean). now oil is harder to deal with being a liquid and clean up from spills is harder to do, plus not sure that lithium explodes quite like oil can.