Leaked: Could this be the new next-generation Porsche Panamera?

A picture of a four-door Porsche has apparently leaked on the Interwebs this morning, and it’s been all the talk today.

That four-door Porsche would of course be none other than the Panamera, discounting their crossover SUVs–that’s what the leak is of and if true, it looks like Porsche’s dialed back the ugly a bit to make the Panamera much more palatable to the eyes.

It’s no doubt that the Porsche Panamera has a love-it-or-hate-it exterior design–more like a hate it, if you ask most. However, it still doesn’t defeat the fact that the Panamera also happens to be one of Porsche’s top selling models, so they clearly listened to the feedback in hopes to address any of the current car’s criticisms. The biggest one would be its styling.

The leak was discovered by friend of Jalopnik’s and was originally discovered on Vince Burlapp’s Instagram page, and Mr. Burlapp apparently has a knack for accurately depicting the near-automotive future.

More details are likely to surface soon.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Instagram via Jalopnik

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