This is what the chassis of the new TVR sports car looks like

TVR is back and we couldn’t be any more excited! That’s because British entrepreneur , Les Edgar, revived the automaker, after buying it back from its lame-duck Russian investor of the past decade. Edgar himself is pushing TVR to produce “supercars for the common man” and so far, he’s on track with TVR’s latest model.

So far, from what’s known, the new TVR will get a heavily reengineered version of Ford’s famous 5.0L Coyote V8, the same found in the current Ford Mustang GT. But it doesn’t stop there as the head and valvetrain were both treated by Cosworth, and anything with that name attached to it is a pretty damn big deal. That engine so far is said to be good for more than 400hp with natural aspiration.

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Now, TVR just released some digital renderings of what the body and the chassis look like in some technical “peel-away” visuals. In the drawings, you can see some great detail, from the front-mounted newly developed 5.0L Ford V8, complete with the Cosworth valve covers, to the overall skeleton of the car. This also shows how the chassis is designed to some degree, which is allowing TVR to keep the new car’s weight down at just 2,535lbs. Yes, just from comparing the anticipated power and weight figures, the power-to-weight ratio is likely to be insane.

Other details like price have yet to be made available, though speculation suggests one marked at less than 100,000 GBP while a “lesser” model could start as low as 65,000 GBP.

Roughly 400 people shelled out money for a car they haven’t seen yet, but that’s because TVR’s offering up an exclusive Launch Edition, limited to 100 units in total.

Guesstimates suggest that the full car could be showcased by the end of the year in near-production form.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: TVR

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