Motorsports: Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t approve of Red Bull Ferrari’s Aeroscreen idea

Recently, Red Bull and Ferrari surprised the world of Formula One by revealing a new Aeroscreen designed to protect F1 drivers when performing. However, in a recent report fromĀ, Formula One’s tycoon, Bernie Ecclestone, expressed his disapproval of the device on Red Bull Ferrari’s latest F1 car.

In the report, the outlet interviewed Ecclestone in regards to his thoughts on the whole idea of adding a windscreen for cockpit protection on F1 cars. He doesn’t exactly think a windscreen would make a difference in a situation like an F1 race, where helmets already protect the faces of drivers. A windscreen does the same thing, but anything that could crash through the screen could crash through one’s helmet, thus at which point, some argue that it doesn’t matter and is a waste of money.

Waste of money, because a windscreen also significantly affects aerodynamics of an F1 car. The requirement of a windscreen would also force teams to have to alter their designs.

Currently, the matter is being studied by the FIA and is expected to be added to the 2017 season rules.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: MotorSport

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