Current Events: This poor Porsche 996 on fire from protests in France is just sad

In my usual scrolling of my Facebook News Feed, a rather saddening picture of what appears to be a Porsche 996 engulfed in flames just surfaced, and immediately, I began to weep for it.

Now, I’m not particularly a diehard Porsche guy, but it’s never fun and quite sad to see any car in this state. Porsche’s are just awesome and sweet cars, how can you not like them and feel bad for them when things go wrong? It’s like when the world cries from the passing of a legendary pop star.

According to the individual who shared the picture to a private group I’m a part of, it’s from Nantes, France yesterday, where some violent protests happened regarding labor reform, and this poor Porsche 911 Carrera 4S from the Type 996 generation was one of the victims. It was from an undisclosed Instagram post.

Further searching on the web brought me to, which also had many other tweets and Instagram posts from yesterday’s protests in France. Low and behold, there was the burning Porsche in a tweet posted by an onlooker. You can see that below.

And really, I then have to ask those who were protesting, why protest against the cars? In fact, in any period of civil unrest, what good does flipping over, setting fire to, or smashing the windows of other people’s cars have to do anything with your cause, frustration, or your hot temper?

More specifically, what the hell did that specific Porsche have to do with labor reform? Why the nice car, and not the plebeian Renaults behind it?

As a result, us car people have to watch a bunch of fools cause senseless damage to other people’s property for no reason other than to smear a probably good cause for protest with the legacy of vandalism.

Just leave the cars alone!

RIP Porsche.

– By: Chris Chin

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