These Brabus restorations showcase the glorious new program for classic Mercedes-Benzes

Brabus is a tuning firm known for coachbuilding customized Mercedes-Benzes with a very unique and aggressive style. However, that’s not all they do as the company just revealed what they can do when it comes to restoring old Mercedes models.

The names Brabus and Mercedes-Benz go together pretty much like BMW and Alpina, where Brabus would take a normal, higher-spec Mercedes, then give it a wicked bodykit, huge wheels, lots of options for huge power boosts, and interior customization.

However, interest with the classic market is skyrocketing and the older Mercedes models are slowly climbing in value and demand. So, Brabus is here for those who want to pay for the restoration, but in completed form.

To showcase what they’re capable of, Brabus highlighted two 300SLs, one Gullwing and one Roadster; as well as two W113 280SL convertibles, the famous “Pagoda” model; and two W111 first-generation S-Class cabriolets in 280SE 3.5 form.

Topping off the virtual exhibit is their fully restored 1967 600 Pullman, which needs no explanation.

The company’s in-house restoration facility launched in 2014 and is located in Germany. Similarly to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, a showroom and workshop exist on the premises with a total of around 21,500 square feet of space.

Should you want to invest in one of these beautiful restorations, a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty also comes with the vehicle, because Brabus conducts a full disassembly of the vehicle. All the components inspected and then documented, while all the parts needing to be fixed are either reconditioned or replaced. The bodies also undergo paint stripping so that the body can be inspected for any imperfections in the metal panels. It’s then repainted with a catalytic dip primer.

The same thorough treatment occurs also on the inside and mechanically.

Brabus didn’t exactly say how much each restoration’s cost, but it’s wholly dependent on the condition of the car beforehand. Either way, a job like this will not and does not come cheap.

Still, that won’t keep me from dreaming.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Brabus

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