Photo Rendering: This is what the new BMW X7 flagship SUV could look like

BMW is working on a flagship crossover SUV, which is by far the most complete opposite thing of what a BMW really should be. Nonetheless, the X5, X3 and other lineup siblings have proven to be keepers and moneymakers for the Bavarian automaker.

Since we know crossover SUVs are the hottest thing right now, BMW unsurprisingly decided to make a larger, flagship crossover SUV, which is likely to be the X7. Such an SUV will basically be an enlarged X5 with aspirations to compete with the likes of the Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz GLS.

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So the folks over at took a crack at trying to render what they think the X7 could look like.

The anticipated X7 is said to be getting its structure from BMW’s new modular platform, called CLAR, or Cluster Architecture. This same CLAR platform will underpin the next-gen X5 as well and currently provides for the latest 7-Series.

That said, we can expect the same use of engines in the X7 as the 7-Series, with rumors not ruling out the possibility of the X7 receiving the 760’s potent V12 too. This will most likely be in an attempt to try and sway customers from the Bentley Bentayga W12 by offering a luxury SUV with a 12-cylinder engine for less.

And for as much as we can make fun of crossover SUVs, the influx of 12-cylinder crossover SUVs definitely sounds pretty sweet, because, you know, anything with 12 cylinders has to be cool in some way because anything with a V12 immediately is.

Should everything play out as expected, the X7 should be here by the end of the decade.

– By: Chris Chin



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